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A case study of how Black students living in Southern California's Mojave Desert perceive school factors influence their ability to graduate from high school A comparison of motivational orientations among male African -American and Caucasian high school student-athletes A correlational study exploring relationships among reported play behavior and preferences and individual development A generic qualitative inquiry of grandparenting by custodial grandmothers with one or two grandchildren A grounded theory study of the retrospective therapeutic alliance between children and their therapists A phenomenological study of dreams and their meaning at the final developmental stage of life A phenomenological study of parental estrangement A qualitative inquiry into the psychological and psychosocial experiences of young grandmothers A quantitative investigation of dream reports from girls ages 9--14 A quantitative study of adolescent moral decision making A quantitative study of the relationship between perceived racial discrimination and racial-ethnic identity development of Black men A study of the measurement of wisdom in the Missouri State Judiciary A study of yoga therapy to increase attention in preschool children Academic redshirting and its effect on the delay of special education services Action research: Barriers faced by emancipating foster youth in their transition into adulthood Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome: Their perceptions of the effects of their impaired communication on depression African American female adolescent body image distress: Impact on self -esteem and life satisfaction Age -dependent effect of cerebrolysin and glucose on old -aged memory Age of first arrest and its relationship to repeat arrests for sexual offending behaviors in children and adolescents Aggression and rational problem solving skills of early adolescence Aleut women's personal identity experiences: An autoethnographic study An investigation into the therapeutic and motivational use of moralistic storytelling for elementary students Assessing motor skills as a differentiating feature between high functioning autism and Asperger's disorder Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Attachment styles, sleep quality, and emotional regulation in severely emotionally disturbed youth: A psychobiological perspective Beyond relativism: A grounded theory study of sophisticated adult personal epistemology Blended skills treatment for high functioning autistic individuals entering young adulthood Case study: How mental health needs of children are managed in domestic violence shelters Childhood conditioning and consequences vs. deviant behaviors and adolescent development: A perspective of social learning theory Children diagnosed with ADHD and children diagnosed with ADHD with comorbid anxiety or depression: Exploring the differences in working memory performance College students with learning disabilities: A case study of female college students' description of their learning strategies for academic success Coloring outside the lines: A heuristic exploration of midlife career change in women Comparative analysis of risk: Volunteer versus career firefighters within a community fire department Contributing factors to the learning of altruism and instruction in the classroom: The grounded theory of fourth and fifth grade educators Critical elements of *adaptive behavior in promoting community independence for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities Curbing the Matthew effect: A group -based intervention for improving rapid automatic naming skills Delay discounting rates, relapse, and treatment satisfaction in young adults Developing third and fourth graders' imagination through creative writing with inspiration from the children's author, Roald Dahl Developmental Assets(RTM) among substance -abusing adolescents Developmental Plasticity of Rank Advancement Style and Mediation by Autism-Schizotypy in 134 Men and 161 Women Ages 18 To 30 Developmental trajectories of youth attending secondary alternate program schools: Course, including school-based, district-based, and community -based interventions Differences among temperament identification, racial affiliation, and gender as they relate to perceived social competence of children in kindergarten Do twins dream twin dreams?: A quantitative comparison with singles' dreams Early childhood sexual abuse and self-destructive behaviors: Observations of mental health professionals Effects of academic self-concept and academic locus of control on metaconceptual knowledge in middle childhood Effects of attitude, norms, and perceived behavior control on intentions to become a teen father Electronic aggression victimization: The relationship to academic performance and perceived social support within an online learning environment Emotional intelligence: Risk factor for caregiver burnout Employee reflections on developing resilience: A grounded theory study Evaluating outcomes for Medicaid waiver and grant in aid funded day habilitation programs for the mentally retarded Evangelical Christian counselor's perceptions about the use of corporal punishment in the parenting of children: A phenomenological study Examining the relationship between parenting style, the home environment, and placement stability for children in foster care Facilitating the adolescent mother's transition to motherhood: A hermeneutical approach Fatherless families: An association test and pilot study examining self-esteem, academic achievement, and community setting of adolescent African American males Former foster children's experience of relationship with social workers in foster care Foster care alumni: A qualitative inquiry of protective factors for healthy and effective adulthood Fostering Social Connectedness in Sexual Minority Youth Grade expectations: An investigation of instructional practices and outcomes Hispanic single fathers experiences of parental involvement in the academic achievement of their children How high academic achieving adolescents with attention deficits experience and describe the successes of their educational learning process How students considered at risk during high school describe academic online success: A grounded theory study Identification of variables that predict success in a residential academic environment Identifying perceived barriers limiting the creation of jobs for adults with developmental disabilities: A qualitative study of employment professionals Influences that buffer against self-objectification in adolescent girls Intellectual and developmental disabilities nursing: An educational intervention in the District of Columbia International adoption of adolescent Russians: A qualitative study of resilient adoptees now emerging into adulthood Interpersonal connectedness and postpartum depression symptoms: A group intervention for mothers and their infants Job spirit: How soul and spiritual leadership capacities impact human performance Juvenile justice system stakeholder perspectives of the juvenile transfer process and the impact it has on juvenile offenders Learning from dreams: A phenomenological study Level of depression as a function of the human -animal bond and attachment -related avoidance features Managing depression in foster care: An enhanced therapeutic approach for adolescents Mate choice in men as a function of educational level of women Maternal perceptions of their infants: Do perceptions predict maternal motivation to nurture? Moral reasoning and political affiliation in liberal and conservative voters: Applying a model of hierarchical complexity Mothers' description of raising two children with an autism spectrum disorder: A case study Music as a pre-reading education tool for non-music preschool teachers Parental perceptions of social skills differences in kindergarten, first, and second grade children in differing classroom environments Parenting behaviors in mothers of children diagnosed with developmental delay: A grounded theory study Parenting style, assimilation, and social competence in children of Southeast Asian immigrant families Parenting styles: Their impact on adolescent separation and college adjustment Parents' contributions to children's antisocial behaviors: Correlation between adoptive and biological parents Parents' perceptions of the influence of television on preschool-age children: A bioecological systems theory perspective Pathways to permanency: Perspectives from former foster care youth Perceived need for cultural planning by parents following the *adoption of Latino children Perceptions of retirement and aging as experienced by self-identified lesbians ages 51 through 60 Pre-dispositional incarceration and recidivism in male youthful offenders: A multivariate predictive archival approach Predicting internalizing problems in at-risk children and adolescents Predicting violence among incarcerated male adolescents in Texas: The role of resilience Predictors of recidivism among runaway and homeless youths Protection against child maltreatment: A factorial analysis of service programs Provisional developmental trauma disorder and its relation to and effect on academic achievement in children Psychological distress among adult children of divorce who perceive experiencing parental alienation syndrome in earlier years Psychological implications of adult women ages 35-50 with a childhood sexual abuse history Reinvented children: A causal -comparative study of resilience in young adults maltreated as children Relationship between pessimistic attributions and self-actualization in college students as measured by the SASQ and the SISA Resilience development through humor Resilience theory, social capital of neighborhoods and adolescence: The effect of neighborhoods on competence demonstrated during adolescence Resiliency and adolescents: Protective factors from family and community Secondary PTSD transmission among survivor families of World War II sailors of the U.S.S. Emmons: A descriptive and correlational analysis of reported and perceived long-term symptoms among veterans, their wives, and adult offspring Seeking Nirvana: The nature of teachers' spiritual growth through professional development Self-advocacy interventions on teenage youths adjudicated as delinquents Senior pastors in African American megachurches leadership development process: A grounded theory study Sign Language versus picture exchange communication system in language aquisition in young children with autism Social determinants underlying the secure base: How Miller's relational-cultural theory interacts with Bowlby's attachment theory Spanish-speaking parents of school-age children with a pervasive developmental disorder: A case study Spiritual well-being and self-esteem among pre-adolescent children enrolled in a religious school Teachers' perception of bullying in Kentucky, grades K--12 Television and age of first penetrative sex: Implications and recommendations The Relationship Between Family Risk Factors And Youth Impulsivity In The Development Of African American Adolescent Antisocial Behavior The association between father-child relationship, locus of control, and sensation-seeking The crossover experience: An examination of the descriptions of first generation college students' experiences while in pursuit of a college education The development of a music program to improve the attention span of school-aged children The educator's portrayal of learning transformations in a positive psychology adult learning course room: A qualitative study The effect of cognitive rehabilitation therapy on memory and processing speed in adolescents The effect of religiosity and spirituality on mate selection and relationship stability among African Americans The effect of value differences in workplace motivation: A study comparing worker value priorities across generations and gender The effectiveness of video modeling versus direct instruction for teaching gestural communication to children with autism spectrum disorder The effects of an 18-hour prenatal attachment program on maternal emotional attachment The effects of childhood trauma on adult perception and worldview The experience of a female being raised in an isolated polygamous community in British Columbia: A heuristic study. The experience of being a mother of an adult with autism: A generic qualitative study The experience of leaving home for emerging adults who grew up with a mentally ill parent The experience of long-term sobriety for men ages 55 through 65 who are currently members of Alcoholics Anonymous The experience of parents self-directing the care of their children with developmental disabilities: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The experiences that enhance and inhibit learning for post-secondary students diagnosed with ADHD: A qualitative study The impact of an intervention on the psychological capital levels of career college learners---A quasi-experimental study The impact of maternal weight gain on infant Apgar scores The inside of aging: A heuristic study of older adult women's internal experience of aging The lived experience of adoptive mothers raising children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adult children during and following a parent's entry into nursing home care The lived experience of alcohol consumption by male, active -duty soldiers below the minimum legal drinking age: A qualitative study The lived experience of being raised in Quaker silent meeting: A heuristic inquiry The lived experience of parents of emotionally disturbed children receiving special education The lived experiences of Mexican American adolescent grandchildren raised by their grandparents: A phenomenological study The nature of the improved subjective well-being of adult children of alcoholics The predictive relationship between religious fundamentalism, need for closure, and scientific reasoning in college students The process of developing teacher-homeless student attachment relationships: A grounded theory study The psychological and physiological risks of adolescent homelessness: Barriers to normal development and mainstream functioning The psychological processes of discerning the vocation to the Catholic Priesthood The psychometric profile of adolescent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The relationship between adult attachment style and resilience factors of hope and positive affect The relationship between fathers' pre -natal involvement with the mother and post -natal involvement with the child(ren) The relationship between relational aggression and emotional intelligence among adolescents in the private middle school setting The relationship between sexual predation and four specific deviant behaviors (deviant fire setting, aberrant masturbation, nocturnal enuresis, and animal cruelty) The relationship between therapeutic foster parenting style and placement longevity The relationship between young adults' spiritual well -being and attachment to God and their recollections of parental and faith -group spiritual influences The relationship of poverty, gender, and cultural identity with the chronological sequencing scores of 6-year-old children The relationship of self-esteem, spirituality, negative emotional symptoms, and locus of control to posttraumatic growth in older, middle class adults The relationship of sports participation to self-esteem in female middle school students The relative contributions of attachment, fixed theory of intelligence, and performance goal orientations to self-handicapping in university students in rural Appalachia The role of central auditory processing in the development of literacy in elementary school -aged second -language learners The role of social and temporal distance on college student decision making The single parent experience of teaching self determination to a child that has intellectual disabilities: A case study The social and emotional experiences of African American and Black gay and bisexual males during the coming-out process: A generic qualitative study The survivors of child maltreatment description of the process of becoming a parent: A grounded theory study The tentacles of bullying: The impact of negative childhood peer relationships on adult professional and educational choices Transformative change in Army training: A case study Understanding African-American adolescent males' experiences with aggression: A generic qualitative analysis Vagus nerve stimulation for reactive attachment disorder What are the Perspectives of Mothers Whose Adolescent Sons are Engaging in Prolonged Video Game Play? Who am I? Probing racial identity in young biracial children Women who witnessed intimate partner violence in their youth: An exploratory study