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Adoption of cultural competence levels within a leadership development program: A quantitative case study Boulder City 31ers: A phenomenological study of a community-based history preservation project Cultural competence of faculty in baccalaureate degree nursing programs in Georgia Cultural competency in emergency responders Diversity management: The common thread binding compliance, organizational culture, and best practices Exploring how women's family-work enrichment experiences contribute to organizational cultural and success in the workplace: An exploratory qualitative inquiry How American firms establish collaborative relationships in China Leadership development and the retention and promotion of racial and ethnic minority nurses Leadership in the criminal justice organization: The prevailing leadership traits and organizational culture related to managing change Perspectives of innovation: A study of how innovation is defined in a group of indian american professionals Structuring to support the creation of a multicultural campus: A cross-case study of liberal arts colleges in the northern portion of a Middle Atlantic State Successful female expatriates: Factors for success Understanding organizational cultural relationships: A qualitative study of antagonistic relations inside of the workplace