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A case study of management actions affecting immigrant trust levels and resultant impacts on performance A grounded theory approach to creating a new model for understanding cultural adaptation of families in international assignments A phenomenological approach to understanding rural grandfather roles A phenomenological examination of Lakota (Sioux) grandfather caregivers raising their grandchildren Acculturation as it correlates to obesity among Hispanic young adults Aleut women's personal identity experiences: An autoethnographic study An investigation of national culture in the United States Autoethnography: Individual perceptions of a healthy lifestyle that contributes to obesity Comparison of the U.S.A. and India cultures: Linking personality and work -related values Cultural competency of associate degree nursing faculty Efficacy of fraternity involvement on leadership development among alumni members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in the workplace Examination of Fishbein's intentions model and attitude formation in a cross-cultural setting Examining the relationship between self-initiated expatriation and cross-cultural adjustment among expatriate spouses within nonprofit organizations: A quantitative causal-comparative study Globalization, assimilation, culture erasure: A review of Trinidad and Tobago How are traditional Chamoru healing practices being perpetuated and preserved in modern Guam: A phenomenological study Improving the collaboration infrastructure of an online inter -institutional consortium Job satisfaction in the operating room: An analysis of the cultural competence of nurses Leadership perceptions of Asian Indian professionals: A case study of the high tech industry in North Carolina Measuring whether significant cultural differences exist between two regions in the United States: Northern and Southern regions Phenomenological study into the lived experiences of youth in the hip hop culture Reaching information society targets: Do national culture attitudes about ict acceptance and use matter? Relevance and effect of culture on the academic achievement of African American students Serving the world: A cross -cultural study of national culture dimensions and servant leadership The alignment between leadership, organizational culture, and functional maturity: An ethnographic case study for small business transformational change The bendable bar of justice: Measuring attitudinal changes toward disparate treatment and racial bias The critical role of positive race-relations to avoid cultural discontinuities with African-American male students from disadvantaged families The effects of current leadership models in a post-Sadaam Iraq The influence of organizational culture on healthcare delivery: A qualitative study of expatriate clinics in public hospitals in Beijing, China The lived experience of honor among first generation Levantine Arab American women: A heuristic study The lived experiences of O.K. Program graduates: The journey from self-doubt to self-efficacy The relationship between job satisfaction and organizational culture in USVI public organizations Today's samurai: A study in the role of cultural intelligence in one Japanese social service organization's adaptation to the American workplace