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"How welcomed am I?" A phenomenological study of the retrospective accounts of gay males in rural school environments "I noticed something wrong": Lived experiences of women of color who faced a protracted journey to diagnosis with lupus A comparison of ecologically theory based versus eclectic empirical based interventions working with high risk families A comparison of the role of task, goal & bond in the therapeutic alliance with clients diagnosed with ADHD A correlational study examining athletic identity and self-esteem among former female Division I collegiate gymnasts A correlational study of the relationship between self-esteem, need-to-belong, and ballroom dancing A grounded theory study of the retrospective therapeutic alliance between children and their therapists A mixed methods investigation of themes of relationship and attachment styles of trainee therapists at a university in Southern California A mixed methods study evaluating aftercare outcomes for addiction treatment within spiritually based and nonspiritually based programs A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of recovered clients diagnosed with dissociative indentity disorder (DID) during participation in a psychotherapy group A phenomenological investigation of counselors' experiences of working with traumatic-brain-injured individuals on community reintegration A phenomenological study of African American male high school graduates' schooling experiences A phenomenological study of childhood experiences of adult children who had parents with an alcohol use disorder A phenomenological study of middle school early adolescents: Understanding the perspectives and life experiences that contribute to disruptive behaviors A phenomenological study of parents with an Emerging Adult child in crisis A phenomenological study of personal meaninglessness as seen in male African-American Baptist pastors located in the South A phenomenological study of spiritual values in secular-based marriage and family therapists A phenomenological study on feelings of competence among counselors of deaf students with emotional challenges A qualitative analysis: Housing options for adults with severe mental illness in a rural community A qualitative exploration into the parenting experiences of bipolar mothers A qualitative inquiry into the experiences of general education teachers in inclusion classrooms A qualitative study of familial intimacy and bonding from the perspective of the adult adoptee A quantitative study of forgiveness and divorce adjustment in divorce recovery groups A self-administered problem gambling screen (FLAGS-II) as motivational intervention for problem gamblers A study of emotional intelligence and service ability among North Carolina mental health professionals: Implications for research and practice A study of love factors and marital satisfaction A study of patient variables that affect completion of a substance abuse intensive outpatient program (IOP) A study of the correlation between mindfulness and music performance anxiety among college music majors: Implications for counseling and counselor education A study of the relationship between job-related stress and stigmatizing attitudes toward mental illness of graduate- and undergraduate-level counselors Academically gifted adults' experience as students in mainstream rural high school classrooms Addressing spirituality in clinical supervisory practice Adult music students' experiences with the biopsychosocial impacts of private instruction African American adults perspectives on child/adolescent bullying: Attitudes and knowledge African American males' school counseling experience African American parents' perceptions of barriers to academic success in a rural elementary school An Assessment of Religion In the Substance Abuse Treatment Process An adult daughter's perception of childhood maternal verbal abuse in relationship to attachment and social learning An analysis of the role of preexisting internal factors in collegiate alcohol abuse within membership of social groups/organizations An examination of differences in motivation as measured by the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire and cumulative grade point average of high school female athletes in comparison to high school female nonathletes An examination of the relationship among secondary traumatic stress, compassion satisfaction and burnout in licensed professional counselors An exploration of how family therapists use and understand intuition in their clinical practice An exploration of pet therapy for bereavement An exploration of the academic success and persistence of first-generation, ethnic minority female college students An exploration of the relationship between employee engagement and trust An investigation of the relationships between counselor self-efficacy, the supervisory working alliance, and gender An outcome study of seeking safety: A treatment program for co-occurring substance abuse and trauma Appreciating and valuing parenting by African American same-sex parents: A qualitative analysis Assessment of application and value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for addiction and posttraumatic stress among counselors Attachment styles of adult children and long-term care options for their dependent elder parents Attitudes of heterosexual Christian counselor educators toward same-sex orientation Avatar coaching: A case study on the perceptions of virtual reality coaching interventions with an avatar coach Baby blues: A generic qualitative study exploring the experience of depression within teenage pregnancy Battered women of interpersonal violence Psychological issues of shame, guilt, and self-blame Beliefs about the ethics of dual relationship dilemmas in rural settings: An investigation of counselors' perspectives Bereaved parents' perceptions about their participation in an equine assisted grief-group experience Black Christian clergy's perception of mental health and treatment intervention: A descriptive phenomenological analysis Can resiliency in Black adolescent males be correlated with parenting style? Case study: How mental health needs of children are managed in domestic violence shelters Case study: Karen professionals' experiences providing direct services to Karen clients Childhood exposure to family violence among African American males: A proposed model of understanding parental experiences with their daughters Childhood sexual abuse's impact on Pakistani women on their intimate romantic relationship with their partners Children's adjustment following parental divorce: How effective is sandtray play therapy? Clients receiving inpatient substance abuse counseling from recovering therapists and non-recovering therapists: Predictors of successful program completion Clinical supervisors' experiences and attitudes toward cyber supervision for state counseling licensure Clinicians' perceptions regarding the consumption of child pornography Cognition, behavior, and communication: Does awareness of self improve relationships among married couples? Cognitive functioning and substance abuse treatment Comparison of the level of job satisfaction of women in the non-traditional career of staff accountant to women in the traditional career of K-12 teaching Compulsive gaming patterns in adult males and their partners: A qualitative generic approach Coping dispositions: A study of the correlations between social beliefs and coping styles in White North America Coping with autism: The parental journey of adjustment Counseling in a technical world: Student counselors' technical skills, motivation, and self-efficacy Counseling low-income African American men post-2008 presidental election: a phenomenologocial study of lived experiences Counselor assessment of clients from the baby boom era Counselor educators and social media in practice Counselors' emotional reactions when treating couples facing infidelity: A generic qualitative inquiry Counselors' lived experiences working with adolescent girls who self-injure Crying in the shadows: An examination of social support and coping skills among bereaved gay men who have lost a partner to HIV/AIDS in South Carolina Described experiences of long-distance thru-hiking: A qualitative content analysis Developing Florida's community mental health: A co-occurring approach Differences among community college students on dimensions of wellness as measured by the 5F-WEL-A Discovering the efficacy of the pursuit planning paradigm: A plan for planning Distributions in utilizing leisure skills and positive experiences as a component of treatment progress in men who are civilly committed sexual offenders Does attachment style influence psychopathology? Correlation study of adult attachment styles as assessed by the Relationship Questionnaire and the Personality Assessment Inventory Does substance abuse treatment change incidents of intimate partner violence? Effective paternal parenting among Hispanics: A quantitative analysis of parenting styles Effects of culturally and linguistically sensitive mental health services on referred, at-risk Hispanic elementary students' academic achievement Equine-assisted psychotherapy in a residential substance abuse treatment program for male adolescents Evaluating treatment experiences of peer mentors in recovery to inform best practices Evaluation research of the effectiveness of a child sexual abuse prevention program utilizing the public health approach Evangelical Christian counselor's perceptions about the use of corporal punishment in the parenting of children: A phenomenological study Expectation versus reality: The impact of academic advising on nontraditional community college students seeking a career change Experience of psychologists who review the work of peers: A qualitative study Experiences and perceptions of depression in African American male baby boomers Experiences of childless women with grief after losing a pet: A phenomenological study Experiences of victim advocates who work in human trafficking commercial sexual exploitation: A phenomenological analysis Experiences with a prescribed emotional support animal: A qualitative inquiry Exploration of attachment-focused family therapy utility: Parenting sexually abused adopted children Exploring counselors' perspectives on domestic violence re-victimization among African-American women Exploring mental health professionals' experience in the divorce process in Pennsylvania: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experience of long-term paramedics: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experiences of native american women of the northern plains who have lost a loved one to suicide: mental health implications Exploring the professional experiences of counselors' clinical work with the severely and persistently mentally ill: Informing counselor education training Facilitator perceptions of mobile ACHESS for social support in addiction relapse prevention Fatherless families: An association test and pilot study examining self-esteem, academic achievement, and community setting of adolescent African American males Fathers' experiences after their child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome: A phenomenological study Finding and filling the gap in mental health services for pregnant women: A mental health assessment program Finding your way: A study on the impact of a career interest intervention upon self-efficacy and career choice(s) of at-risk adult students Former foster youth: a qualitative inquiry of what works in learning independent living skills Foster care alumni giving back to children in care Gays and lesbians in public mental health: Assessing gay-affirmative practice Growing up in fatherless families: The lived experience of African American men Healing strategies for women survivors of both intimate partner violence and childhood sexual abuse How ethical codes define counselor professional identity How pastors' leadership styles relate to their comfort level when treating parishioners with counseling concerns How therapists describe working with children ages 5-12 who have been diagnosed with adhd and have a history of trauma Identifying and meeting the needs of military families: An appreciative action research Identifying the needs of suicide survivors: An appreciative inquiry Impact of a physical disability on African American men: A generic qualitative study Implications of counseling mentally ill parents seeking family reunification Influences of working professionals' knowledge and training on their attitudes towards sex offenders: A quantitative analysis Intensive in-home treatment for at risk youths: An archival study Internet and suicide: A generic qualitative study of counselors who work with suicidal clients Intimate relationships of adult women who were abandoned by their fathers: A phenomenological investigation Is there a relationship between attachment style and marital satisfaction? A study of couples married at least seven years Is there a relationship between motivational systems and aggressive conduct in male inmates? Juvenile sex offender treatment: A treatment program for below average intelligence offenders K-12 educators in the role of school counselor anti-bullying specialist counseling relationship experiences: A qualitative study LGBT Baby Boomers' resiliency dynamics: A qualitative study Ladies sing the blues: How depressed African American women describe what they learned during psychotherapy, a phenomenological study Latino students persistence in higher education: Correlations between campus resources, reliable factors and gender Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor (LCADC) practice: Professional challenges,changes, and adaptations Life after the homicide of young urban African American males: Parental experiences Lived experience of first year freshman learners with ADHD while attending a community college: A qualitative study in the tradition of phenomenology Lived experience of individuals in the workplace who have a history of intimate partner violence Lived experience of the transgendered adult female-to-male adults: Discrimination within the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community Lived experiences of emergency room nurses dealing with cases of domestic violence in Lebanon Lived experiences of grandparents raising grandchild(ren) with conduct disorders Logging in to find hope: Grief support in the internet age: A qualitative analysis Maintaining abstinence from substance use: A grounded theory investigation Marriage and sex: A study comparing sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction in age and gender Meaning of engagement in clubhouse membership and its influence on mental-health recovery Measures of marital satisfaction among husbands and wives in dual-earner African-American families Measuring the effects of a Himalayan singing bowl on a meditation practice: A quantitative approach Micro-level social learning correlates of sex offender recidivism: Expeditious sexual history disclosure via polygraph testing Military receptivity to hypnotherapy: An ordinal regression with associated factors Mindfulness reflective practice and creative novelty among leaders Mitigating burnout in bachelor's of social work students: A quantitative study Moral reasoning in adult male sex offenders Mothers, autism and attachment: An exploration of parenting, perceived attachment and maternal knowledge Motivation to change: A qualitative study on women recovering from opiate dependency Multiple role balance, professional quality of life, and wellness among women employed as professional counselors Native Americans and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2): Continuing to extend Native American norms Negotiating identities: The transition to motherhood in young urban adolescent mothers Off and practicing: Online counseling learners experience as they transition from online coursework into internship fieldwork Opiate dependence and suicide attempt: A quantitative study of jailed male inmates Parents bereaved by drug related death: A grounded theory study Parents' reactions to their adolescents' delinquency Perceive to believe: The relationship between body image, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and age in women Perceived parental supportiveness: A protective factor of adolescent risk-taking behaviors Perceptions and intentions of college students concerning their alcohol consumption: An experimental study on the potential efficacy of the Alcohol 101 Plus CD-ROM educational intervention program Perceptions of community college faculty members' mindsets and their projections of students' academic outcomes Perceptions of self-disclosure held by former counseling clients: A generic qualitative study Perspectives of addiction treatment professionals regarding family involvement in adult substance abuse treatment: A qualitative study Phenomenological study into the lived experiences of youth in the hip hop culture Populations at risk for vicarious traumatization; exploring a link between telephone provided services and vicarious trauma Predicting the influence of substance abuse counselors' personal recovery status and education on clinical orientation Premarital vs. nonpremarital counseling: Determining marital satisfaction relationships in African American marriages Prevalence of STDs in Alabama black adolescent females compared to other ethnicities Privileging the voices of Nigerian children: A phenomenological study of their lived experiences following the loss of loved ones to stigmatized death Professional services for survivors of child sexual violence/abuse: A phenomenological account of professional clinicians' experiences Providing help while also navigating a personal marital relationship: A qualitative study Psychosocial-behavioral experiences of human-animal interactions for 18- to 25-year-old young adults Psychotherapists' life experiences related to treating sex offender clients who show denial behaviors in treatment: A generic qualitative inquiry study Qualitative study to consider licensed professional counselors' perceptions of pastoral counseling in the African American community Qualities of mental health professionals preferred by mid -adolescents Reflecting on the experiences of living with a mentally ill parent: A qualitative approach to understanding the role of resilience Relationship between moral distress, perceived organizational support and intent to turnover among oncology nurses Relationship between pessimistic attributions and self-actualization in college students as measured by the SASQ and the SISA Residential treatment experiences of baby boomers: A qualitative study Resilience traits of African American women survivors of intimate partner violence (ipv): Mental health practitioner perspectives Resolution of grief and loss after participation in a grief resolution group program Rural school counselors' experiences working with adolescent self-harm behavior: A case study School counselors' multicultural counseling competence: An exploratory study School counselors' professional experience and practices working with students who self-harm: A qualitative study School-based wraparound programs: Teacher experiences with students receiving services Seasoned licensed clinical therapists' perceptions of boundary setting with mental health clients Self esteem issues among Black women in Pentecostal Churches Self-forgiveness: A heuristic study of the lived experience of forgiving one's self Social Service Professionals' Perceptions of Childhood Problematic Sexual Behavior in the Child Welfare System Sometimes they don't come back: A qualitative exploration of non-recidivating prison-based therapeutic community completers Spirituality and grief: The effect of protestant clergy's own grief reactions and compassion fatigue Spirituality as a coping resource in adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse Staff attitudes and male victims of intimate partner violence: Implications for human service professionals Stay at home fathers: The mothers' perspective Still one among many: The lived experience of solitude during addiction recovery Surviving suicide: Understanding the lived experiences of bereaved parents Tang soo do instructors' experience of self-actualization in working with students: A phenomenological study Television and age of first penetrative sex: Implications and recommendations The Experience of Interpretation and Use of Text Messaging Techniques with the Substance Use Disorder Individual in Post Recovery: A Grounded Theory Approach The Lived Experience of Wellness in Roman Catholic Priests Who Provide the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick The MS Youth Program experience: Told by youth and parent (s) The Phenomenology of Single Parents Raising a Child with a Coexisting Diagnosis of ADHD and ODD The Professional Experience of Mental Health Professionals Who Work With Mentally Ill Prison Inmates The aftermath of a natural disaster: A phenomenological study of permanent displacement among adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina The career trajectory of African American men who provide mental health services to African American populations The comparative impact of face -to -face instruction and video conferencing instruction on students' anxiety levels The complex impact of secondary victimization on rape victims The differences in American and Filipino mental health professionals' perception of the seriousness of suicidal ideation, and the predictive power of religiosity, spirituality, and diversity awareness The earliest warning signs of intimate partner violence The effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy on juvenile criminal thinking The effectiveness of mandala creation in alleviating traumatic symptoms in college students The effects of the physical environment on a counselor's well-being and ability to provide optimal care The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The efficacy of trauma focused cognitive behavioral theory vs. integrative treatment for traumatized children and adolescents within the child welfare system The experience of bereaved college students: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The experience of having a mother with a crack-cocaine substance abuse disorder The experience of interpersonal forgiveness in counseling: A generic qualitative study The experience of providing therapy services to sex abusers: A case study The experience of providing therapy services to victims of domestic violence: A case study The experience of recovery from alcohol/drugs (AOD) The experience of therapists who work with prostitutes The experience of using Social Thinking(RTM) in parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A case study The experiences of adult women ages 30-44 who log on to Facebook daily using their smartphone: A generic qualitative study The experiences of counselors who use cognitive behavioral therapy with middle school students who were bullied: A generic qualitative study The experiences of non-heterosexual collegiate athletes: A phenomenological investigation The exploration of an art therapist's therapeutic process when working with aggressive youth utilizing grounded theory The female physician viewpoint in relation to marital satisfaction: How male spouses and female physicians define marital satisfaction The healing experiences of women: Psychodrama and eating disorders The impact of an online evidence-based coaching program on goal striving, subjective well-being, and level of hope The impact of counseling in teen dating abuse among African American females: A phenomenological study The impact of distance traveled and client load on the level of professional burnout The impact of peer support programs on the process of recovery from mental illness: A comparative analysis The impact of psychological resilience on Army active duty military wives' mental and physical health The influence of attachment style and an online educational experience on male clergy interpersonal boundaries The influence of play therapists' cultural awareness on their adaption of the filial therapy modality with African American families The intimate experience of parents participating in multisystemic therapy (MST) The lived experience of Dominican young adult language brokers who interpret for their Latino family: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adoptive mothers raising children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A phenomenological study The lived experience of battered women in transitional housing The lived experience of being a Wesleyan clergy wife: A phenomenological study The lived experience of cultural competency and diversity training among healthcare professionals The lived experience of engaging in Christian marriage counseling The lived experience of ethnic discrimination stress in the workplace among high-achieving Adivasis The lived experience of heterosexual women whose spouses reveal HIV positive status as the result of male-male sexual contact: A phenomenological study The lived experience of licensed professional counselors (LPCs) in rural North Carolina using self-care to combat compassion fatigue The lived experience of mental health counselors as suicide survivors: What supportive interventions were found to be helpful? The lived experience of parents raising adolescents diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experience of women who have had a child through egg donation: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of licensed professional counselors providing emergency room interventions and assessments to suicidal patients: A phenomenological review The lived experiences of non-Native American clinical counselors working with Native American clients: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of practitioners of Resonance Repatterning, an energy therapy The lived experiences of single Latina mothers and the multiple roles they manage The lived experiences of the army officer's wife to an army commander's toxic leadership: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of veterinarians and personal pet loss: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of women with postpartum depression and medicine The needs of men diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and sexually offensive behavior The online social networking experiences of older individuals: A phenomenological study The outcomes for African American Christian women raised without their biological father: A phenomenological study The perceived experiences of parents who have received intensive in-home services for their children The personality of crisis clinicians: Inherent traits or proper training in working with suicidal or crisis populations The plight of mental health and comorbid substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system: A grounded theory study The process of burnout in community mental health counselors The process of leaving the ministry The process of overcoming domestic violence over two - three generations: A grounded theory investigation The psychological effects of obesity in native Hawaiian women The psychological structure of African Americans who terminate mental health treatment services after their initial sessions The relationship between exercise and perceived coping efficacy and perceived stress The relationship between factors of age, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status and supervisors' cultural competence The relationship between grief and personality -- A quantitative study The relationship between human resource management policies, job satisfaction, and job stress The relationship between job satisfaction and intentions to quit among licensed professional counselors The relationship between positive emotions and psychological resilience in persons experiencing traumatic crisis: A quantitative approach The relationship between the constructs of rap music, self-esteem, and self-efficacy The relationship between witnessing verbal marital conflict as a child and the behavioral anger responses in adulthood The relationship of pre-deployment psychotherapeutic services and post-deployment family functioning as perceived by military spouses The role of spiritual wellness as a predictor of employment satisfaction in addiction treatment professionals The sex offender and his experience of sexual assault: A phenomenological study The social and emotional experiences of African American and Black gay and bisexual males during the coming-out process: A generic qualitative study The ties that bind us in sisterhood Therapeutic relationship building: Experiences of clinicians who treat reactive attachment disorder Therapeutic tools and methods for reducing aggressive behavior in Generation Z youth: A qualitative study Therapists' perspectives on the contributions of in-home therapy in developing family cohesion in a central northern state Trauma therapists and their experience of Zentangle(RTM) Turning a tragedy into a tribute: A qualitative exploration of creating meaning after the loss of a parent Understanding the lived childhood experiences of Arab Americans with high emotional intelligence Underutilized mental health services: A grounded theory study examining African American perspectives Unilingual English speaking therapist working with limited English speaking (LEP) Haitian clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment Using an art based technique in supervision to enhance self-efficacy for addiction counselors-in-training Using personality data in higher education: A preliminary examination of personality differences based on professional orientation and skill level Vicarious trauma among critical incident stress management teams Voices unheard: A qualitative study on the lived experiences and unique treatment needs of young adult heroin users Workplace bullying: Protective mechanisms between bullying and post-traumatic stress disorder