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A California community college district planning committee's perceptions of the effects of the shared governance approach on the strategic planning process A case study examining the relationship between online course design quality and course effectiveness at a community college A case study of critical thinking activities used in the school of education at a community college A case study of students' perceptions of social integration strategies to retain first-generation underprepared students at a private community college A case study of the factors that influence the persistence of African American students at a predominantly White two-year technical /vocational college A comparison of community college full-time and adjunct faculties' perceptions of factors associated with grade inflation A correlational study examining retention rates before and after receiving the Title III grant A correlational study of the academic self-concept and persistence of African Americans who attend 2-year colleges A correlational study on the Nurse Entrance Test as a predictor of success in an associate degree of nursing program A hermeneutic phenomenological study of hope and first-generation, low-income community college students A measure of first -year student resilience constructs A new paradigm: Strategies for succession planning in higher education A phenomenological understanding of honors among community college faculty: How faculty define and practice honors education A predictive study of community college faculty perceptions of student academic preparation, work ethics, and institutional support A qualitative study on lived experiences of Kenyan adult immigrants in community colleges in Georgia A qualitative study on the retention and graduation rates of African American students at a community college A qualitative study: Challenges that may be encountered when transitioning from face-to-face to online courses A study of community college leadership practices in response to the impending leadership crisis A study of effective recruitment and retention practices in information technology programs of study A study of factors that inhibit and enhance at-risk student retention at a community college: Multiple case study A study of improving critical thinking skills with multiple choice tests and first semester associate degree nursing students A study of the impact of a first-year experience initiative on first-year developmental education student success and persistence A study of the leadership skills needs of businesses in a community college leadership development curriculum A study of the relationship between an intrusive student services model and first year retention of underrepresented at-risk students A study of the use of the American Association of Community Colleges' competencies for community college leaders by search committees and their relevancy to newly appointed community college leaders A study to evaluate the effectiveness of a case management approach to academic advising utilized in a community college in south Texas A thematic analysis of self-directed learning in Shelley's "Frankenstein" Academic advisers: Perceptions of training and professional development at community colleges Academic persistence of at-risk students Adjuncts on the loose: An examination of satisfaction of adjunct support strategies in Wisconsin technical colleges African American female community college graduates: A phenomenological study of motivation and success strategies for persistence in Minnesota African American women administrators at the community colleges of Illinois: An investigation of obstacles and persistence An analysis of leadership frame preference of academic administration: Using the Bolman and Deal Four Frame model An assessment of learning via a comparison of take-home exams versus in-class exams given as part of introductory psychology classes at the collegiate level An evaluation of academic advisors' roles in effective retention An evaluation of the Florida division of community colleges and workforce education Chancellor's Leadership Seminar: A phenomenological study An evaluation study of a training program to prepare community college faculty for online teaching An examination of adjunct self-perception in two types of working environments within a private four-year postsecondary institution An examination of emotional intelligence factors: Their relationship to job satisfaction among adjunct faculty An examination of student stop-outs and stay-outs in a community college: A qualitative investigation An examination of the academic performance and retention rates of first -time, full-time community college students who participated in a first -year student success course An examination of the assessment practices of community college instructors An examination of the relationship between advisor/advisee personality similarity with student satisfaction and grade point average in a community college setting An examination of the shared challenges that impede success in the lives of single, multi-cultural mothers enrolled at a two-year community college: A case study An exploratory study of the A.L.A.N.A. Experience mentoring program and the program's effect on retention and persistence An investigation of leadership best practices and teacher morale in six community college child development centers in southern California An investigation of library technical assistant program coordinators and their perceptions of accreditation standards: A qualitative approach Analysis of servant leadership characteristics: A case study of a community college president Analyzing learning domains: A study of preferred learning styles and age levels of learners enrolled in developmental mathematics courses at a local community college Appreciative assessments: A strengths-based approach to assigning grades in the developmental English classroom Art in action: Traditional art appreciation moves into active learning Assessing a feasible effective critical thinking protocol for community colleges Assessing the technology programming used by community colleges to meet industry needs: An exploratory case study research Assessment of adult learning practices in health education at a large community college district in Northern California Assessment of developmental education as a means to increase student retention: An action research study Associations between mindfulness and test anxiety in community college students Attending community college, parenting satisfaction, and academic perfromance Attitudes and performance of community college students receiving metacognitive strategy instruction in mathematics courses Balancing the equation: The effect of alternate course formats on retention and performance of adult elementary algebra learners Best practices in online instruction: A quantitative case study of non-completers Black students' decision to transfer from community colleges to Predominately White Institutions Bloody but unbowed: An exploration of faculty vitality in "the people's college" Business ethics in the accounting curriculum: A comparative study California community college administrators' perceptions of part-time faculty shared governance participation Categorical factors influencing retention rates of remedial education students at a community college Cheaters: A case study of plagiarism in composition classrooms Class modality, student characteristics, and performance in a community college introductory STEM course Clicking on the learning light for community college students Closing the loop: Engaging community college faculty and staff leaders through professional development Closing the professional development, learning outcome and budget proposal gap at a two-year eduational institution: An action resarch study Cognitive load theory and college composition: Can worked examples help novice writers learn argumentation? College advisor, student, and senior staff member perceptions of academic advising modalities and types: A community college case study College preparatory students' perceptions of four teaching methods: Lecture, collaborative, computer-assisted, and individualized instruction Combating attrition: Why do academically competent students drop out of associate degree nursing programs Community and videos: An action plan to increase success rates in California community college developmental mathematics Community college and business partnering: A study of factors that contribute to the sustainability of these alliances Community college instructional designers' use of free, pre-designed interactive learning objects Community college leadership crisis: Identifying and preparing future leaders through succession planning in selected North Carolina community colleges Community college presidents in a southern state: An exploratory qualitative inquiry of servant leadership Community college presidents' perceptions of stress Community college student success within healthcare-related associate degree programs Community college students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD): A student perspective Community college students' perceived effects of the home environment on academic success: A theory unveiled Community college students' self-reports of persistence: Looking beyond student satisfaction ratings of persisters and nonpersisters Concerns of non- and low users of technology in the classroom among part- and full-time community college faculty Core curriculum courses: A study to determine the impact on vocational-education studies Corporate college: A business model for contract training Correlates of excessive use of social networking sites among under-served community college students: A study of students' academic achievement Creating capable graduate nurses: A study of congruence of objectives and assessments of critical thinking in a southeastern state Creating contextual learning experiences via virtual simulation Credibility challenges to online doctoral graduates seeking faculty positions: A community college perspective Critical thinking in respiratory therapy students: Comparing baccalaureate and associate degree students Current characteristics of faculty development in public two-year colleges in Arkansas Dancing in sync: How do Massachusetts community college presidents provide for orientation and development of board of trustee members? Design or detour? The non-native English-speaking (NNS) student in the community college developmental writing classroom Determining physical therapy students' perceptions about faculty-led supplemental instruction at a selected community college Determining professional development needs of aspiring and current division chairs/deans in selected Southern California community college systems Developing successful Closing the Gaps programs for Hispanic students in urban areas of Texas---rhetoric or reality? Developmental education---untangling the knot: A study of disaggregated developmental education data from selected Pennsylvania community colleges Dialogic instruction in a community college composition classroom: A descriptive study Differences among community college students on dimensions of wellness as measured by the 5F-WEL-A Differences between perceived satisfaction with academic advising of underprepared students receiving prescriptive advising or developmental advising Differential workload calculation and its impact on lab science instruction at the community college level Do clickers open minds? Use of a questioning strategy in developmental mathematics Dual credit student enrollment: Does it contribute to academic performance at the community college? Dual enrollment: A qualitative study of a program in a metropolitan area of Georgia Eco-spirituality and religion: Catalysts for transformation in environmental education Educational returns: What are the educational needs of southern rural -living adults Effective developmental math instructional practices that facilitate learning and academic success of community college students Effective practices for community college adult learners: An exploratory case study Effective techniques of developmental advising with adult at-risk students in a community college setting Effects of California community college students' gender, self-efficacy, and attitudes and beliefs toward physics on conceptual understanding of Newtonian mechanics Effects of a support program on retention rates for African-American male community college students: An action research study Effects of discussion postings in online elementary statistics community college classes Effects of discussion postings on retention and success rates in community college introductory accounting classes Elements of successful community college organizational change: A meta-ethnographic analysis Emotional intelligence and its relationship to academic leadership: An analysis of Brevard Community College Empathy and reading of narrative fiction among community college students Employee commitment in the community college: A case study resulting from a Baldrige-based quality journey Employer satisfaction with workforce development programs: A survey study Enhancing student engagement using online, asynchronous, reflective discussions Enhancing underrepresented, community college student motivation through blended curriculum Enrolled but underprepared: A phenomenological study of community college developmental students Entrepreneurial orientation of community college workforce divisions and the impact of organizational structure: A grounded theory study Evaluating Iowa community college student demographics, characteristics, enrollment factors, and educational goals influence on retention rates Evaluating math remediation on community college assessment process: An action research study Evaluating the effects of improved communication of faculty: An action research study Evaluation of an associate degree nursing program delivered by interactive television Examining students' perceptions of a community college transition course Examining the effects of collaborative learning on performance in undergraduate mathematics Examining the impact of organizational and team dynamics on the implementation of AQIP team outcomes in community colleges Expectation versus reality: The impact of academic advising on nontraditional community college students seeking a career change Experience of female nontraditional students enrolled in a community college Experiences and descriptions of motivational factors in online learning: Rural community college students' perspectives Exploring positive learning experiences in the community college mathematics classroom in a midwestern state: A qualitative study Exploring the experiences of successful first-generation community college students in Florida: A qualitative study Factors influencing the pursuit of IT certifications: A study of Minnesota public community and technical college students Factors influencing the successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) Preparation Program as perceived by the students Faculty experiences with academic advising at 15 community colleges in eastern North Carolina Faculty mentoring in higher education: How can the institution benefit? Faculty perceptions of educational innovation as it pertains to the community college baccalaureate degree Faculty perceptions of participatory governance: A community college case study Faculty use of Web-based instruction for psychomotor learning in community college radiography programs Faculty-advisors' perception of their advisory role to first-year community college developmental-level students Fire shut up in their bones: An investigation of faculty vitality and well -being at a two-year technical college First generation college students experiences of academic success in Ecuador First-generation college students' descriptions of the experience of community college Formative assessment in the classroom: A phenomenological study of instructor perceptions of formative assessment strategies From soldier to student: A case study of veterans' transitions to first-time community college students Generational differences and coping strategies of nursing faculty experiencing incivility Generational differences in preference for interactivity Goal orientation, work avoidance goals, and self -handicapping in community college students Grade expectations: An investigation of instructional practices and outcomes Has technology become a need? A qualitative study exploring three generational cohorts' perception of technology in regards to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Health Ed Success: How a student success course affects outcomes Help is on the way! Enlisting faculty and staff support for students with mental illness High school GPA: An alternate placement tool Hispanic faculty's impact on community college Hispanic student retention How external relationships support learning in a learning-centered community college Identifying and implementing best practices to retaining community college students: An appreciative inquiry Identifying leadership styles that influence the willingness of community college faculty to teach online courses Identifying the factors that predict degree completion for entirely online community college students Impact of changes in tuition, unemployment, and population shifts on enrollment in Arizona's community colleges Impact of changes in unemployment rate and population on enrollment in North Carolina's rural, urban, and suburban community colleges Impact of remediation on success of nursing students in a community college associate degree program Impact of the Internet on curriculum design in the North Carolina community college Impacts of faculty professional development on online course design in community colleges in three northeastern states Implementation and evaluation of a mentor training program and one-to-one mentoring at a community college: An action research study Implementation of peer-assisted learning in an intermediate algebra course at a community college Improving student success in developmental math courses at a two-year college: An action research study In or out: The cultural integration of part-time faculty at two New England community colleges In search of leadership: A look at women presidents in Georgia's two-year colleges and technical colleges Including students in the policy development process through appreciative inquiry: An action research inquiry Increasing participation in professional development activities for part-time faculty: An action research study Information literacy and the 21st century academic librarian: A Delphi study Inherent contradictions: Wikis, activity systems, classroom community, and instructional designs for online learning Institutional factors contributing to Hispanic male nursing degree attainment Institutional factors impacting student satisfaction and persistence Is cheating always intentional? The perception of college students toward the issues of plagiarism Is my instructor there for me? A study of reflective practice and student perceptions of online teaching presence Is remediation the successful path? A study of a community college preparatory program Journaling and the improvement of writing skills for incoming college freshmen Keeping 'em down on the farm: Retention best practices for hybrid/blended courses at the community college level Keeping the brothers focused: A study of the impact of male mentoring on the community college level Labs not in a lab: A case study of instructor and student perceptions of an online biology lab class Late registration and African American males' academic performance in a suburban community college system Leadership in higher education: An investigation of servant leadership as a predictor of college performance Leadership profiles of presidents serving community colleges accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Leadership reconsidered: A mixed methods study of developing future leaders in the community college Leadership strategies in high performing community colleges: A qualitative phenomenological study Learner perception of audio-enhanced technology in the online classroom in relation to community and communication Learner-centered instruction at a small community college: Faculty perceptions Learner-centered teaching style: Comparing face-to-face and online adult educators' commitment levels Learning -centered teaching practices in the community college setting Learning management systems in community college mathematics: A study of the practice of formative assessment Lived experience of first year freshman learners with ADHD while attending a community college: A qualitative study in the tradition of phenomenology Measuring return on investment of a retention management training program Minority recruitment solutions: A study of the perceptions of recruitment professionals at two -year public institutions as they relate to a potential online system of best practices in minority recruitment Mission metamorphosis: How community college bachelor degree programs influence the traditional community college mission Motivational and cognitive learning strategies as predictors of academic success in economically disadvantaged community college students Motivational factors of the Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Generation Y student enrolled in a community college Moving at the speed of potential: A mixed-methods study of accelerating developmental students in a California community college Moving the needle: The effect of faculty development on part-time teachers at a technical college Multicultural eldercare: The self-efficacy of first and fourth semester nursing students in caring for diverse elderly patients Multiple intelligences and nursing student attrition Multiple intelligences and the adult learner: An investigation of differences between disabled and non-disabled students Navigating uncharted waters---the effect of mentoring on the success and retention of first-generation college students at two Texas community colleges: A case study Needs and changing missions: Post North American Free Trade Agreement workforce development in community colleges along the Texas-Mexico border No laughing matter: Student perceptions of instructional use of humor in the college classroom Nontraditional female students' perceptions of factors influencing retention in a New England community college Nursing students with learning disabilities: Perceptions and attitudes regarding the role of disability support program services and access to accommodations Obstacles to instructional design practices in community colleges: A modified Delphi study Online faculty satisfaction with formal and informal faculty mentoring at community colleges Online instructor strategies: A study of instructor immediacy and student perceived learning at a community college Online persistence in community college distance education: Perceptions of major stakeholders Perceived value of certification and the Registered Health Information Technician credentialing examination Perception of minority students and faculty regarding multicultural education and support services at a community college Perceptions and intentions of college students concerning their alcohol consumption: An experimental study on the potential efficacy of the Alcohol 101 Plus CD-ROM educational intervention program Perceptions of collaborative learning from African American males at a predominantly white institution (PWI) Perceptions of community college faculty members' mindsets and their projections of students' academic outcomes Perceptions of high academic achieving community college transfer students Perceptions of the persistent: Academic experiences of first generation community college students Persistence factors among single mothers in two -year colleges Personality styles of pre-service teachers: A quantitative study of differences between individuals who aspire to teach at varying levels Planning for excellence: A case study of the execution of strategic planning practices on a California community college campus Predictors of burnout in community college faculty: A regression analysis Professional certifications versus skills: A study of professional certifications from the perspective of the certified and their employers Program assessments: Identifying the enabling factors and barriers that affect community college administrators Quality assurance in the community college: An examination of a College Strategic Plan Quantitative examination of first-year community college student factors for success Quantitative study of differences in leadership frames of community college presidents of the baby boomer and generation X generations Reasons community college students transfer to four-year institutions before earning associate degrees Reducing distance in online learning: A study of student characteristics and student immediacy in the community college environment Reducing online student course withdrawals using D.I.I.S.M. (demographics, institution, instructor, student and method) analysis: An assessment of an urban technical college online courses Relationship between admission criteria and program completion in an associate degree nursing program: Improving the identification of the student at risk for program noncompletion Remedial learners in a community college setting contribute to their own academic success: Identifying effective teaching and learning strategies, delivery methods and instructional technologies for remedial learners Remodeling: Building on the strengths of existing course development models to present a student-centered model for online learning for community colleges Retention of faculty of color as it relates to their perceptions of the academic climate at North Carolina community colleges Self -regulation and learning strategies in at-risk community college students Self-regulated learning strategies of successful developmental reading students Servant -leaders in community colleges: A phenomenological study Servant leadership from the student officer perspective in Phi Theta Kappa Service learning and first year experience students in a community college setting: An action research study Shadows and acts: Effects of perceived stereotypes on persistence of Black men in North Carolina community colleges Social support tools in allied health online instruction Special education students with learning disabilities transitioning from high school into community colleges Strategy: A case study of a community college and the dynamic forces at work in its environment Student engagement in community college developmental education courses: Differences in perceptions of students and faculty Student-faculty interaction and faculty validation: Do they lead to engagement for developmental English community college students? Students' perceptions of effective teaching strategies in a developmental writing course Success and persistence of learners in a blended developmental reading course at an urban community college Success and the online student: A study of successful online developmental college composition & reading students Successful student goal completion: A community college case study Take a leap and shimmy on down: An ex post facto study on the differences between community college students who do and don't study dance Teacher perceptions of their training to teach online within community colleges in one region in California Teaching as leading in the post-secondary learning community: A grounded theory approach Teaching in the multiage college classroom Teaching styles of technical college core and occupational faculty: Their relationship to student achievement Technology literacy as a 21st-century basic skill: A study of evolving technology literacy competencies for a workforce education, community college Test kitchen: An examination of a community college's assessment for graduating culinary arts students The Obama effect: A study of African American leadership in the community college The SIRIUS project: Innovations in constructivism and textbook creation to improve student retention and student success The adult English language learner in community college: A study of the relationship between ethnicity and gender and standardized testing The alchemy of college philanthropy: What dynamics inspire the transformational gift? The classroom experience as the missing link in formal student development at the community college The community college presidential leadership matrices that support distance learning The crossover experience: An examination of the descriptions of first generation college students' experiences while in pursuit of a college education The developmental education dilemma in the community college system: The students' point of view The differences between associate and bachelor degree nurse education pathways and longevity in nurses' first hospital positions The dual credit program: Measuring the effectiveness on students' transition from high school to college The economic domino effect: A phenomenological study exploring community college faculty's lived experiences during financial hard times in higher education The effect of targeted marketing strategies on tutoring participation rates of at-risk students: An action research study The effectiveness of developmental reading courses The effects of information technology on student learning outcomes in community colleges The efficacy of active and collaborative learning environments in community colleges The experiences of remedial instructors at one urban community college: A case study The impact of Freshman Year Experience courses on Latino/Latina students attending Hispanic serving institutions The impact of active and collaborative learning on student engagement of part-time adult learners attending Canadian community colleges The impact of an online orientation to improve community college student retention in online courses: An action research study The impact of computer assisted instruction: A comparative study on the course completion rates of remedial community college mathematics students The impact of cooperative learning in collegiate aviation education on student engagement in a diverse community college environment The impact of dual credit participation on community college success: A comparison of home schooled and non-home schooled high school graduates The impact of information technology on organizational design change strategies: A quantitative study of the Maricopa Community College System The impact of nontraditional classroom assessment on retention of information in an introductory psychology course The impact of organizational culture and accreditation change on faculty perception of assessment The impact of peer tutoring of nursing students in a community college setting as measured by changes in learning and study strategies and grades The involvement of business and industry in technical and vocational education The journey: A study of the career paths of female leaders in a Hispanic serving institution The lived experience of dual enrollment: A qualitative study of high achieving African American male students The lived experience of the educator: A study of the digital divide in the community college classroom The negative impact on student performance with teacher-imposed external locus of control: A study of the relationship between self-efficacy and teacher regulated performance feedback among community college nursing students The perceptions and experiences of Native American women enrolled in two-year tribal and nontribal community colleges The perceptions of community college students to foreign language acquisition grounded in Multiple Intelligence theory The power of music technology to enhance the communication skills of adult learners in adult basic education programs: A qualitative study The relationship between emotional intelligence, selfefficacy, and clinical performance in associate degree nursing students The relationship between financial aid and the retention of first -time community college students The relationship between incivility and learning: A study of how students interpret the affects of faculty incivility on student learning achievements The relationship between job satisfaction and leadership practices: A survey -based analysis of full -time business faculty in the Wisconsin Technical College System The relationship between motivational profiles and admission grade point scores to first semester attrition in an associate degree nursing (ADN) program The relationship between the presence of ethnic minority faculty and growth of student cultural competency The relationship between the timing of the admissions and financial aid application on satisfactory academic progress and retention at a large urban community college The relationship between tutoring and student success The role of organizational culture change in effective strategic planning: A community college action research project The role of the chief academic officer: Leadership frame alignment within the office of the CAO in the Massachusetts Community College System The silent majority: Comparing community college full-time and adjunct faculty satisfaction with campus climate The use of humor as a teaching strategy in nursing education The use of teaching strategies that complement learning styles in freshman nursing students To question or not to question: The effects of two teaching approaches on students' thinking dispositions, critical thinking skills, and course grades in a critical thinking course Trailblazers: An examination of community college Black women in senior level administrator roles---their stories through their eyes Transforming the community: A case study on a model for improving communication climate in a community college Trends in mobile learning: A study of the adoption of podcasting as a learning tool at a community college Tribal college and universities return on investment (TCU ROI) conceptual model Two-year college study abroad participation and persistence Underserved, underrepresented, unprepared: Experiences of African American females in community college with barriers to academic success Universal design for learning: Implementation and challenges of community colleges Using faculty perceptions to improve organizational performance in community colleges Using knowledge of transactional distance theory to strengthen an online developmental reading course: An action research study Veteran students: What motivates persistence from matriculation to goal completion? What are the perspectives of community college chief academic officers regarding faculty vitality and to what degree do these leaders support this phenomenon? What does hopeful thinking measure? A confirmatory factor analysis of the Hope Scale with an analysis of the relationships between the constructs of hope, fluid intelligence, and self-determination What students really want: A study of learner opinions of interactions in online community college courses Why adults with learning disabilities dropped out of college: Support services and accommodations Why students leave the community college: Experiences of at-risk students in the Arkansas Mississippi Delta Will enhancing academic advisor knowledge about online learning increase retention in distance education? Wise practices for managing community college librarian burnout: A Delphi investigation Women's learning styles: Epistemological stages and online delivery