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A holistic compliance model for capture teams: A grounded theory approach A quantitative examination of the effect of work design on turnover intention of information technology professionals Age and the acceptance and use of cyber-security: A quantitative survey of U.S. Baby Boomer mobile-device security practices Aligning enterprise and information technology strategy: A study of the correlation between strategic alignment and adaptation of enterprise -wide strategy formulation processes An econometric model for international tourism flows: A case study of Guam, 1997--2004 An exploratory study of attributes of successful negotiators of Foreign Military Sales An exploratory study on perceived risk, benefits, and online buying behavior from a cross-cultural perspective Analysis of the relationship between International Monetary Fund programs and economic performance in developing countries Business aircraft investment and financial performance Changing trading: Perceptions of options market participants toward changes in a traditional open outcry stock options exchange Classification shifting and change of firm value in publicly traded U.S. firms mediated by shareholder ownership Competitiveness of the Eastern Caribbean microstates: An investigation utilizing a meta-triangulation framework Consumer trust established by E-commerce privacy indicators Consumers in the pews: Exploring the relationship between consumption experience and emotional brand attachment in a megachurch context Determining the statistical significance of environmental uncertainty on the relationship among performance, entrepreneurial orientation, and strategy for Washington State manufacturing firms Digital distance and economic development in Southeast Asia Digital divide as it affects the development of e-commerce in Nigeria: A qualitative research study Examination of Fishbein's intentions model and attitude formation in a cross-cultural setting Factors influencing Japanese tourism to Hawaii: A macroeconomic analysis (1980--2006) Female entrepreneurial self-efficacy among three ethnicities Impact of right-to-work laws on business confidence and the business climate: A quantitative approach Louisiana small business owner stated problems during recovery from Hurricane Katrina: Outsider assistance within a dynamic environment Mobile commerce adoption in older adults: A quantitative study Mobile commerce competitive advantage: A quantitative study of variables that predict m-commerce purchase intentions Motivational factors in software development: A study to explore the relationship between work locus of control and contribution to open source projects Oklahoma residential real estate brokerage: An investigation of the impact of the new Broker Relationship Act Purchase or pirate: Is ethical ideology or age more effective at predicting acquisition choice for online music? Retail gas prices and its effect on actual automobile purchases: An econometric analysis The Measured Influence of Supplier CSR on Brand Performance Expectations in B2B Relationships The effect of education and knowledge, experience, mentoring, and risk on the successful entrepreneur: A qualitative study The road to retaliation: How anti-LGBTQ microaggressions ignite protests, business boycotts, and organizational retaliation: A hermeneutic critical discourse analysis Utilization of knowledge management in improving information technology investment return: A qualitative study Web site messages about corporate social responsibility: Developing grounded theory on the presentation of corporate citizenship in the banking and computer hardware manufacturing industries