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A Quantitative Study of the Role of Divorce and Remarriage on Female African American Millennials' Perceptions of Marriage A cognitive aware scaffolding tool: Managing cognitive load in introductory programming courses A comparison of motivational orientations among male African -American and Caucasian high school student-athletes A comparison of school psychologists' and school counselors' ability to identify cognitive abilities underlying basic academic tasks A correlational study examining treatment records for a relationship between those with a diagnosis of cocaine dependence and poly-substance dependence relapse rates who received psycho-educational and individual/group cognitive behavioral treatment for sixteen weeks A cross -cultural analysis of tribal differences of American Indian children on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children -III (WISC-III) A descriptive instrumental collective case study of the cognitive processes employed by professional pilots-in-command (PICs) during extended, extreme in-flight emergencies A metacognitive-based tutoring program to improve mathematical abilities of rural high school students: An action research study A phenomenological study of reentry court graduates A qualitative study of employment theory, private security, and emergency response efficacy A quantitative study of alphabet letter name knowledge among students with significant cognitive disabilities A quantitative study of the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction treatment, using an Internet -delivered self -help program, for women with generalized anxiety disorder A social cognitive approach to correlates of playing different genres of video games, self-esteem and self-efficacy among university students A spoonful of sugar works: An experimental study of early childhood teachers' perceptions A study exploring faculty perceptions about the quality and effectiveness of distance learning programs A study of the effects of training and reflective journaling on creating child advocates among evangelical churches A study of the factors that influence persistence of students with disabilities at four-year colleges and/or universities Accepting me as I am: Examining the coming-out experiences OF LGBT adults Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and effortful control in adult women African American college students' perceptions of how skin tone bias is learned and how it affects perceived self -efficacy African American women's thoughts, emotions, and behavioral experiences with using pedometers to increase physical activity An analysis of factors associated with frailty in chronically ill older adults An analysis of the effects of cognitive load on the participation of asynchronous e-learners An assessment of multiple intelligences theory applied to the delivery of online history courses: A case study An attempt to increase parsing of parallel from serial processing in letter cancellation tasks An examination of factors related to reoccurring relapses from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders An examination of the cognitive therapeutic approach to comorbid disorders of alcoholism and depression An examination of the relationship between intelligence and state achievement test scores in relation to the perceived parental expectations, involvement and parenting style of middle school students An investigation of learning styles in both the online and face -to -face learning environments at a small private university An investigation on how a brief self-defense training course could change women's attitudes toward being a victim of violent crime Athletic identity and dispositional optimism as predictors of decision making when Division I collegiate athletes transition out of sports Autonomous learning: A reliability study using self-perceptional traits of intentional behavior as a framework for content analysis Avatar coaching: A case study on the perceptions of virtual reality coaching interventions with an avatar coach Breaking the barrier: An integrative approach to addressing the needs of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury Clinicians' experiences and cognitive processes treating medicinal marijuana users: A qualitative inquiry Cognitive load theory and college composition: Can worked examples help novice writers learn argumentation? Cognitive trainer characteristics that predict outcomes for students with and without ADHD Community college students' perceived effects of the home environment on academic success: A theory unveiled Conducting psychotherapy with children suffering from multimorbidity: A case study Contextual performance: An exploration of individual job performance and its relationship with patient contact Correctional nurses and secondary trauma Creativity as a whole school process: A case study Designing effective organizational communications: Uncovering the transformative nature of communications technologies of a past age for a better understanding of communications technologies in the digital age Differences in emotional intelligence and team cohesiveness in men's and women's community college athletic teams Discovering the efficacy of the pursuit planning paradigm: A plan for planning Do twins dream twin dreams?: A quantitative comparison with singles' dreams Does visual distinctiveness influence content memory in powerpoint presentations? Early identification of transformation in the proficiency level of Critical Thinking Skills (CTS) for the first semester Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) student Emotional Intelligence and writing competency: A correlational study of applied theory or visible thinking, a product of dualling hemispheres Employee engagement and individual differences: An empirical examination of Kahn's theory - a cognitive-motivational model Estimation of premorbid intellectual abilities in children with traumatic brain injury Ethical decision making: The lived experience of junior and senior level college student leaders Examining the process of leader self-identity development among college and university leaders: Developing a grounded theory Examining the trigger effect in altered states: Transpersonal hypnotherapists perceptions of effective triggers in inducing hypnotic altered states Executive coaching: A case study of fire department executives Exploratory study of retention and emotional intelligence in public health: The case of the Coastal Health District, GA Exposing experience: A grounded theory study exploring the influence of experience on executive decision processes Fireground command decision making: Understanding the barriers challenging commander situation awareness From the therapist's perspective: What are the perceived factors for successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance? Gender differences in working memory and phonological awareness Home & family considerations: Cognitive ability of male, Black preschoolers in urban environments How high academic achieving adolescents with attention deficits experience and describe the successes of their educational learning process Impostor phenomenon and information technology: A study of demographic differences Instinctive versus consensual decision-making: A modern look at some old questions Instructional design strategies to support research subjects with traumatic brain injury Integrated treatment for women with co-occurring disorders: The experiences of community mental health professionals Leaders' response processes for blame attribution: A grounded theory study Levels of depersonalization and derealization in emergency response personnel Lived experience of first year freshman learners with ADHD while attending a community college: A qualitative study in the tradition of phenomenology Mediating role of task strategies and project stability in the relationship between project complexity and team transactive memory system (TMS) Metacognition: An intervention for academically unprepared college students Moral reasoning and political affiliation in liberal and conservative voters: Applying a model of hierarchical complexity Motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies in treating adolescents who abuse cannabis Motivations of Baby Boomer doctoral learners: A grounded theory study Multiattribute judgment and nonconscious cognition: Further characterization of the deliberation -without -attention effect Neuropsychological markers of intoxicated aggression in college students Overlooked and undertreated: A qualitative study of African American adolescents and depression in southwest Georgia Populations at risk for vicarious traumatization; exploring a link between telephone provided services and vicarious trauma Professionals' Experiences When Treating Women with Vulvodynia Psychological implications of adult women ages 35-50 with a childhood sexual abuse history Qualitative research exploring fathers' experience of alienation and court interventions in the process of divorce involving child custody Reactive Attachment Disorder and parenting challenges: A qualitative inquiry Relationship between critical thinking disposition and level of tolerance Relationship between pessimistic attributions and self-actualization in college students as measured by the SASQ and the SISA Self -regulation and learning strategies in at-risk community college students Study on the efficacy of iMusic(c) on intelligence among children with ADHD Teacher burnout as a predictor of teacher motivational orientation The Lived Experiences of Working Mothers Using Persuasive Technology in the Form of an Internet-Based Accelerometer: A Generic Qualitative Study The Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test as a measure of player selection and success for Quarterbacks in the National Football League The association between Tai Chi and memory in older adults The college freshman's lived experience of boredom: A phenomenological study The development of a preventative bullying policy: An action research approach The differential predictive validity of the SAVRY on juvenile probationers: A quantitative study The educator's portrayal of learning transformations in a positive psychology adult learning course room: A qualitative study The effect of cognitive rehabilitation therapy on memory and processing speed in adolescents The effect of female physical attractiveness when managers rank candidate resumes for a traditional male-oriented manufacturing role The effect of semantic dimensions on elementary school students' spoken word recognition The effects of cognitive-affective states on performance, workload, and knowledge acquisition in synthetic military training environments The effects of different levels of high fidelity simulation on teamwork in senior-level undergraduate aviation students The efficacy of Reiki treatments in reducing state anxiety The efficacy of using feature films as case study to teach psychology The experience of active membership in Addictions Victorious: A multifocus addiction twelve-step self-help group The experience of creativity: A qualitative generic thematic analysis The experience of mindfulness and learning: A qualitative research study The experience of mindfulness from the perspective of advanced meditators --- A multiple case study The experiences of counselors who use cognitive behavioral therapy with middle school students who were bullied: A generic qualitative study The experiences of self-guided weight loss among obese men The female entrepreneur: An exploration of mentoring and perceived general self -efficacy The impact of Freshman Year Experience courses on Latino/Latina students attending Hispanic serving institutions The impact of business ethics courses on student moral development: A mixed methods study at three Iowa Christian colleges The impact of cognitive behavioral treatment dosages on recidivism rates in women The influence of transactive memory systems on software development agility: A quantitative study of agility in teams The lived experience of someone out of work on short-term-disability: A phenomenological study The lived-experience of spiritual awakening for members of alcoholics anonymous with long-term sobriety: A phenomenological study The perceived impact of the ABA and TEACCH approaches on the functional learning of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder The performance evaluation of low achieving Mexican American students on the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children II (KABC-II): The role of English language proficiency The relationship between critical thinking, parent education, family income, extracurricular activity and intrinsic motivation in public schools: A multiple regression analysis The relationship between instructional delivery methods and student learning preferences: What contributes to student satisfaction in an online learning environment? The relationship between positive emotions and psychological resilience in persons experiencing traumatic crisis: A quantitative approach The relationship of cognitive profile to differential diagnosis of high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome The relationship of poverty, gender, and cultural identity with the chronological sequencing scores of 6-year-old children The relationships among racial identity attitudes, academic self-efficacy and academic achievement of black male high school students The study of cognitive performance in buprenorphine treated opioid dependent individuals: A repeated measurement approach Trial art and science: An exploratory study examining experiential and rational decision -making systems, work specialization and career experience of trial consultants Twenty-nine mixtures: Adult postsecondary learners' writing self -efficacy perceptions in a first -term composition course Using spatial and fluid intelligences to predict mathematical abilities in high school students Verbal overshadowing: Disrupting memory in postsecondary adult students Voice of the customer as a function of communication styles: A multivariate analysis with a mean difference approach Wechsler adult intelligence scale (4th edition) and the validity of supplementary/core subtest substitution Whole-task approaches: The effects of the simplifying conditions and emphasis manipulation approaches on instructional efficiency Work ethic, education, work experience and statistical practice as factors comprising expertise among statisticians