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A Grounded Theory Study of the Experiences of Mental Health Professionals which May Lead Them to Make Referrals for Exorcism A case study of communication between parents of donor conceived children and other recipient parents A comparison of coping styles between mothers and fathers of children diagnosed with cancer: A specialized focus on fathers A comparison of covert and overt aggression between men and women A comparison of ecologically theory based versus eclectic empirical based interventions working with high risk families A comparison of parenting stress and parenting satisfaction levels between parents of children with and without PDD-NOS A comparison of the effects of treatment options for depression on glycosylated hemoglobin levels of a population of type 2 diabetics: A secondary data analysis A comparison of the role of task, goal & bond in the therapeutic alliance with clients diagnosed with ADHD A controversial disability and its impact on parents: Understanding the adaptation process of parents of children diagnosed with developmental apraxia of speech A correlational study examining treatment records for a relationship between those with a diagnosis of cocaine dependence and poly-substance dependence relapse rates who received psycho-educational and individual/group cognitive behavioral treatment for sixteen weeks A cross -cultural analysis of tribal differences of American Indian children on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children -III (WISC-III) A generic qualitative study of deployment separation of Air Force nondeployed partners A grounded theory study of the retrospective therapeutic alliance between children and their therapists A measure of first -year student resilience constructs A mixed methods investigation into the relationship between co-morbid depression and level of social impairment in adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome A multi-faceted emotional wellness program for LGBT youth: Forging a brighter future A phenomenological approach exploring the lived experience of members of alcoholics anonymous who have social anxiety A phenomenological investigation of counselors' experiences discussing religious and spiritual issues in clinical supervision A phenomenological research study that examines individuals with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder and their experiences of self -esteem A phenomenological study of clinicians treating traumagenic compulsions resulting from childhood sexual abuse A phenomenological study of delinquent adolescent males A phenomenological study of falling out of romantic love as seen in married couples A phenomenological study of job loss and unemployment among voluntarily childless women A phenomenological study of psychologists' experience of spiritual development as it relates to therapy practice A phenomenological study of young adults' regarding their childhood experience of parental divorce A phenomenological study on the effect of supported employment on individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder A phenomenological study that explores the lived experience of Lutheran laypeople who have forgiven an interpersonal transgression A phenomenological study: What is the mental health professional's experience of managing dual relationships in rural communities? A policy on teaching nurses effective communicatio skills with parents of female adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury A prospective study of the timing of PTSD symptoms: Implications for criterion C as an early indicator of PTSD A qualitative inquiry on the experience of mothers of older children diagnosed with severe autism A qualitative study into the current process of death education for caregivers of terminal patients A qualitative study of familial intimacy and bonding from the perspective of the adult adoptee A quantitative study investigating supervisory style, satisfaction with supervision and self-efficacy among female clinical training supervisees A study of emotional intelligence and service ability among North Carolina mental health professionals: Implications for research and practice A study of parental attachment and eating disorders among female college students A study of patient variables that affect completion of a substance abuse intensive outpatient program (IOP) A survey of current practices in Canadian Aboriginal mental health A survey of treatment options and provider preferences for those diagnosed with co -occurring conditions of mental illness and substance use disorders in Minnesota Acculturation and other psychological factors associated with disordered eating in Hispanics Acculturation of Ethiopian women refugees/immigrants with families in the USA from 1989--2004 Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome: Their perceptions of the effects of their impaired communication on depression Adult pet attachments African American mothers of children with autism and their experiences of receiving support: A generic qualitative study An analysis of efficacy regarding the integrated use of the Hwa -Chim acupuncture method and expectancy in the treatment of depression in women An archival study of certified peer support specialist interventions: Outcomes for recipients of Community Mental Health Services Program An attempt to increase parsing of parallel from serial processing in letter cancellation tasks An early intervention approach for students displaying negative externalizing behaviors associated with childhood depression: A study of the efficacy of play therapy in the school An enhanced, simplified group therapy protocol utilizing theatrical methodologies An evaluation of the perceived versus demographic barriers inhibiting physical activity among women as measured by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) An examination of factors related to reoccurring relapses from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders An examination of maternal -fetal attachment in singleton and twin pregnancies An examination of psychologists' personal and professional variables and how they relate to the use of spirituality as a treatment tool in psychotherapy An examination of the cognitive therapeutic approach to comorbid disorders of alcoholism and depression An examination of the relationship among secondary traumatic stress, compassion satisfaction and burnout in licensed professional counselors An examination of the relationship between reactive aggression and AD/HD symptomatology among female inmates An exploration of differences in coping strategies between introverts and extroverts suffering from insomnia An exploration of pet therapy for bereavement An exploration of social interest therapy as a treatment for depression in the elderly An exploration of therapists' perception of personal and professional spirituality An exploratory study of the association between the static variables of the static-99 and successful or unsuccessful treatment completion An inquiry into corporate psychopathy: The unheard voices of follower experience An investigation of the personality features and treatment response of buprenorphine treated clients grouped by preference for heroin or analgesics An investigation of the relationship between risk and protective factors for disordered eating among female athletes Analysis of the damaging effects of workaholism in managers versus non-managers Are mental health intensive outpatient programs for depressive episodes effective in private practice? A patient-focused view using CBT Are they content with care? A correlation study on new mothers diagnosed with substance use disorders and patient satisfaction Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Attachment styles as predictors of supervisor theory X/Y orientation Attachment styles, sleep quality, and emotional regulation in severely emotionally disturbed youth: A psychobiological perspective Autism spectrum disorder: The relationship between biomedical treatment and healthy family functioning Balancing work, family, and student roles: A phenomenological study of the adult female graduate online learner Behavioral intervention and parent training within the CASSP system: The effectiveness of using direct commands to manage ADHD/ODD in the home environment Binge drinking behaviors among new and experienced male and female firefighters Biological children in therapeutic foster families: A phenomenological study Blended skills treatment for high functioning autistic individuals entering young adulthood Burnout in Head Start lead teachers: A case study inquiry Children diagnosed with ADHD and children diagnosed with ADHD with comorbid anxiety or depression: Exploring the differences in working memory performance Children in the Middle: Evaluation of a divorce education program Children's resilience following trauma in farm settings: A phenomenological study Civilian aviators' attitudes and opinions toward psychological assessment Clients receiving inpatient substance abuse counseling from recovering therapists and non-recovering therapists: Predictors of successful program completion Clients' and therapists' mutual and distinct perceptions of therapeutic sessions: An investigation of walk-in and scheduled session appointments Clinicians' Perceptions Regarding Treatment of Individuals with Eating Disorders in Rural Communities Comorbidity occurrences of psychiatric disorders in adults with primary diagnosis of Bipolar Disorders I and II Comparing victims of child sexual abuse by intimate perpetrators to victims by non-intimate perpetrators for levels of trauma responses Comparison of Roberts Test for Children -Second Edition (Roberts -2) profiles: Children with high-functioning autism/Asperger syndrome versus normative sample of clinical and nonclinical children Comparison of illness management and recovery treatment and psychological treatment-as-usual in a state psychiatric hospital Compassion fatigue in members of the Florida Crisis Response Team: A consequence of caring Compulsive gaming patterns in adult males and their partners: A qualitative generic approach Counseling low-income African American men post-2008 presidental election: a phenomenologocial study of lived experiences Counselors' emotional reactions when treating couples facing infidelity: A generic qualitative inquiry Cultural variance in personality trait structure: The NEO PI -R and Haitians De-stress: A qualitative investigation of EMDR treatment Delay discounting rates, relapse, and treatment satisfaction in young adults Deployment experiences among enlisted female veteran sailors with children: A generic inquiry Depressive symptoms among members of the clergy serving on the New Mexico District of the Church of the Nazarene in the United States Description of a possible relationship between impaired executive functioning and behavioral dysregulation in an adolescent in residential treatment Determining stress level differences among university students living on and off campus and their employment status Developmental Assets(RTM) among substance -abusing adolescents Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders: A review of assessment methods in rural and urban Minnesota Differences in the correlation between locus of control and emotional intelligence among Job Corps versus same aged students in vocational training programs Differentiation and job satisfaction: Does the Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI-R) predict job satisfaction as measured in the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS)? Disordered eating attitudes and behaviors in undergraduate dance majors: A study of female modern dance and ballet students Divine intervention: A study of spirituality and chemical dependency Do consumers of mental health services favor pursuing online education as opposed to education in more traditional settings? Do specific stress management techniques interrupt or lower psychoneuroimmunological responses to stress? Do therapeutic factors and client gender impact treatment outcomes for adolescents participating in outdoor behavioral healthcare treatment? Does attachment style influence psychopathology? Correlation study of adult attachment styles as assessed by the Relationship Questionnaire and the Personality Assessment Inventory Does contingency management affect intrinsic motivation to remain substance-free?: A closer look at low-cost procedures Does religious involvement predict client preferences in psychotherapy? Early childhood sexual abuse and self-destructive behaviors: Observations of mental health professionals Effectiveness of the mental health/juvenile justice system across diagnostic categories: An analysis of recidivism Effects Of Guided Imagery On The Level Of Stress Experienced By Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Students Engaged In Clinical Learning Experiences Emotional reaction during deployment affecting reintegration: The perspective of active duty Navy single mothers Emotions: An experimental study on increasing positive emotions Enhancing parent-child interaction therapy in low-socioeconomic status African American communities Environmental, psychological, and sociocultural issues involved in the treatment of depression in the African American male population Equine therapy: what impact does owning or riding a horse have on the emotional well-being of women? Estimation of premorbid intellectual abilities in children with traumatic brain injury Ethical practice online: An exploration of provider liability risk among practitioners in the emerging field of online therapy Evaluating outcomes for Medicaid waiver and grant in aid funded day habilitation programs for the mentally retarded Examining Kouzes and Posner's five leadership practices in statewide mental health consumer advocacy networks: A multi-site descriptive survey study Examining the relationship between emotional intelligence and college success Examining the trigger effect in altered states: Transpersonal hypnotherapists perceptions of effective triggers in inducing hypnotic altered states Experience of psychologists who review the work of peers: A qualitative study Experiences, perspectives, and challenges of college students whose parents are divorced Exploration of attachment-focused family therapy utility: Parenting sexually abused adopted children Exploratory analysis of motivational climate in Army Reserve Officer Training Corps leader's training course Exploring metacognition, relapse, and stress as an integrated outcome measure Exploring predictors of institutional misbehavior in male inmates at a New Jersey state prison Exploring the lives of homeless women in Anchorage, Alaska: A generic qualitative study/thematic analysis Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in the addiction continuing care: A phenomenological study of women treated in early recovery Factors influencing resilience in military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder Factors of readiness and motivation to abstain and treatment outcomes in binge eating disorder patients Family experiences of the terminal illness and death of a family member Fatherhood and the psychological well-being of Black men Fathers and daughters: Using a multivariate analysis through multiple regression to help predict a daughter's self -esteem as experienced by college-age women in rural Nebraska Female therapists' experiences of the management of counter-transference during treatment with binge eating disordered female clients: A qualitative study Female, hatha yoga students' lived experience of body image: A phenomenological study Forgiveness therapy: A qualitative study of the forgiveness experience of people who have undergone forgiveness as a counseling intervention Gender differences in secondary diagnoses with paranoid schizophrenic clients Gender differences in the expression of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptomology: A program to address gender-specific externalizing and internalizing behaviors Group telepsychotherapy for reducing depression: An exploratory study Helper-therapy principle: Implications for African American men who had absentee fathers Heuristic inquiry: The experience of being involved in a *relationship with a chemically dependent mate Homelessness and helplessness: Correlating learned helplessness, locus of control, and perceived social support with chronic homelessness Hospice family members' descriptions of the stressors experienced with family members terminal illnesses at home How young women describe the process of understanding their life plans after college: An exploration using grounded theory Impact of paternal alcoholism on intimate partner relationship satisfaction among college students Impact of perinatal loss among adolescent parents: A phenomenological study Impact of therapist demographics on the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder In -home services: Correlates of success based on Global Assessment of Relational Functioning (GARF) In search of a curriculum for children with Asperger's syndrome: Two case studies In search of resilience: Developmental and motivational perspectives on sustained abstinence among African American men who used crack cocaine Influential components of pediatric bipolar disorder: An examination of criterion and methods of evaluation in clinical practice Informing therapeutic treatment and practice: A study of recovery histories of non -recidivists Integrated treatment for women with co-occurring disorders: The experiences of community mental health professionals Intensive in-home treatment for at risk youths: An archival study Internet and suicide: A generic qualitative study of counselors who work with suicidal clients Interpersonal connectedness and postpartum depression symptoms: A group intervention for mothers and their infants Intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity and sexual compulsivity with Christian males: Understanding concepts and correlations based on race, age and socioeconomic status and marital status Is there a relationship between attachment style and marital satisfaction? A study of couples married at least seven years Juvenile sex offender treatment: A treatment program for below average intelligence offenders Ladies sing the blues: How depressed African American women describe what they learned during psychotherapy, a phenomenological study Level of depression as a function of the human -animal bond and attachment -related avoidance features MCMI III desirability, thought disorder, and dependent scores of Hispanic American sexual offenders: Implications for interpretation Marital values and satisfaction: Considerations for domestic and international couples Measuring the public's attitude of substance-abuse treatment oriented solutions in the War on Drugs Medical and mental health practitioners' perceptions of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments for depression in children and adolescents Men in partner abuse intervention programs describe the beginnings of those relationships: A grounded theory study Mental health workers who work with suicidal clients: A qualitative study Mentally ill inmates: Does psychopathy predict disciplinary Special Housing Unit (SHU) placement among mentally ill inmates? Meta-analysis of quality of life in those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease following depression treatment Mindfulness reflective practice and creative novelty among leaders Moral reasoning in adult male sex offenders Mothers' description of raising two children with an autism spectrum disorder: A case study Motivational factors of suicide prevention hotline volunteers Native Americans and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2): Continuing to extend Native American norms Optimism, psychological well-being, and quality of life in females with Fibromyalgia Syndrome Overlooked and undertreated: A qualitative study of African American adolescents and depression in southwest Georgia Parental stigmatization of aggressive adolescent males: Establishing a stigmatization index Parenting special needs children adopted from residential treatment programs Parenting styles: Their impact on adolescent separation and college adjustment Patients lived experience of information shared between one's family and service providers Perceived level of mental health recovery as an outcome indicator in community support programs Personality assessment inventory (PAI): Can the PAI distinguish adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from other disorders? Perspectives of hypothermia treatment for neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE): A heuristic inquiry Physical child abuse between siblings: Child protection workers and compensatory decision making Physicians with a dual diagnosis: A qualitative exploration of physicians in recovery from a substance use disorder and a mental illness Postpartum depression through the eyes of first-time mothers: A phenomenological study Pre-intake screening engagement: Examining initial attendance when feedback is introduced to clients within an outpatient clinic Predicting mental illness with the MAYSI-2 Predicting success and self management in telephonic wellness coaching for depressed patients Presenting for an eating disorder evaluation: A comparison of identified athletes and non-athletic females Procrastination and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the college setting: The relationship between procrastination and anxiety Profiling sexually violent predators: A study to identify psychopathy and sexual sadism as baseline psychopathologies in predatory sexual serial offenders Protection against child maltreatment: A factorial analysis of service programs Providing help while also navigating a personal marital relationship: A qualitative study Provisional developmental trauma disorder and its relation to and effect on academic achievement in children Psychache and coming out lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) adults at risk of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: A mixed-methods design Psychiatric nurses and vicarious trauma: A phenomenological study Psychological distress among adult children of divorce who perceive experiencing parental alienation syndrome in earlier years Psychotherapist's spiritual experience with their clients in psychotherapy: A phenomenological inquiry Psychotherapists' views of a "Book of Job" model for understanding and treating traumatic stress Quality of life of post-release offenders with schizophrenia participating in a community support program Reactive Attachment Disorder and parenting challenges: A qualitative inquiry Readiness to change in Locus of Control demonstrated in a rural Colorado treatment program Receiving and training a service dog: The impact on combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Recognizing reactive attachment disorder in foster children Registered nurses' perceptions of working with chemically impaired registered nurse colleagues Relationship between Kilauea's volcanic emissions and symptoms of anxiety and depression in adult residents of Hawai'i Island Relationship between personality traits, psychopathy, and future recidivism in juvenile offenders Relationship of early use of alcohol to women's adult life circumstances Relationships among locus of control, perceived self-efficacy, and medication adherence in members of Double -Trouble in Recovery or Dual Recovery Anonymous self -help groups Relevancy and utilization of canines in animal -assisted therapy: A phenomenological study of client -patient attitudes and experiences Resilience and recovery in substance-dependent healthcare professionals Resilience development among adult offspring with schizophrenic mothers Resilience theory, social capital of neighborhoods and adolescence: The effect of neighborhoods on competence demonstrated during adolescence Retrospective record review of the relationship between mental disorders, type of maltreatment, and physical health diagnoses among children in foster care Risk factors of prescription medication adherence as early predictive symptom of mild cognitive impairment among community -dwelling elderly Rural living combat veterans---an exploration on issues with post traumatic stress disorder and reintegration post combat -returning to a small town Rural resilience: Developing a model for the role of spirituality and religiosity in the resilience and well -being of rural adults Secondary PTSD transmission among survivor families of World War II sailors of the U.S.S. Emmons: A descriptive and correlational analysis of reported and perceived long-term symptoms among veterans, their wives, and adult offspring Self -esteem in preoperative Roux-en-Y gastric bypass White women and their postoperative counterparts Self perception among young Jewish women relative to exposure to sexualizing visual media Sharing the load: New trends in employed parents' domestic labor time Social determinants underlying the secure base: How Miller's relational-cultural theory interacts with Bowlby's attachment theory Social workers' perception of parenting skills of mentally ill parents with child(ren) in foster care Southern baptist clergy: Experiences and attitudes with psychologists as resources for their congregation Spiritual and religious intervention: Psychotherapist and client perspective Spiritual well-being and physical activity: Their influence on self-esteem and life satisfaction Still one among many: The lived experience of solitude during addiction recovery Strategies clinicians use to create a trusting and working alliance via telephone-Internet venues Stress levels in male sexual offenders and its relationship to probation type: A study to identify actuarial risk factors Stress recovery for college students: A four-week stress recovery training program Stress, emotions, and coping: the lived experiences of primary caregivers who raise adolescents with bipolar disorder Student perceptions and use patterns of alcohol and illicit drug use at a large university Study on the efficacy of iMusic(c) on intelligence among children with ADHD Subjective well-being and exercise: A causal -comparative study of regular and non -regular exercisers Surrendering your spouse to God: The power of prayer in marriage Systematic change for the mentally ill: A qualitative study examining co-occurring individuals in the community TechnoEthics in counseling practice: Knowledge, attitudes, and usage of ethical precautions for electronic communication by Texas professional counselors The Essence of the Experience of a Single Woman Living With and Caring for an Elderly Widowed Parent The Lived Experience of Married Couples Who Share Expressive Writing: A Phenomenological Study The adolescent mother's experience and perception of motherhood The application of emotional intelligence (EQ): A correlational study of EQ with children and adolescents with Asperger's disorder The application of the 2002 American Psychological Association's Ethic Code and its standards of conduct for the psychologist practicing in a rural community as compared to the psychologist practicing in an urban community The association between father-child relationship, locus of control, and sensation-seeking The attitudes of coaches toward sport psychology consultation The coaches' experience of the process of coaching non-traditional undergraduate students in higher education: A grounded theory inquiry The containment model: A comparison of treated versus untreated sex offenders The correlation between education and color -blind racial awareness in European American mental health professionals working with African American women The correlation of activity participation and maintenance of cognitive functioning in nursing home residents The daughter's experience of her mother's having breast cancer: A phenomenological study The decision-making process for seeking support among Christian, African American parents of youth experiencing mental health challenges: A grounded theory The development of a dialectical behavior therapy skills manual modified for the developmentally delayed population The development of a music program to improve the attention span of school-aged children The development of a violence prevention program for parents, coaches, players, and referees in youth football organizations The diagnostic efficacy of the child behavior checklist and youth self-report in outpatient youth ages 6 to 18 The difference in cognitive processing in military veteran college students with and without PTSD The difference in severity of depression in women with fibromyalgia syndrome and both fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome The differences in American and Filipino mental health professionals' perception of the seriousness of suicidal ideation, and the predictive power of religiosity, spirituality, and diversity awareness The effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy on juvenile criminal thinking The effect of neurofeedback training on PTSD symptoms of depression and attention problems among military veterans The effect of two crisis debriefing models on sick time, absenteeism/tardiness, and return to duty in police officers in three Georgia law enforcement agencies The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral sex offender treatment on convicted sexual offenders' distorted cognitions and feelings toward victims The effectiveness of mandala creation in alleviating traumatic symptoms in college students The effects of ABA strategies on challenging behavior among adults with high functioning autism The effects of PTSD psycho-educational training on soldiers exposed to a traumatic experience in a combat zone The effects of childhood trauma on adult perception and worldview The effects of homelessness on the mental and behavioral health of children: A phenomenological study The effects of physical exercise on physical, psychosocial, and depression side effects of cancer treatment The effects of therapeutic horseback riding with autistic children The effects of working memory training on adult ADHD symptoms The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The experience of caring for a chronically ill loved one and the multiple impacts on the primary caregiver: A phenomenological study The experience of growing up in a family in which a parent had been diagnosed with Combat PTSD The experience of job loss in adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder The experience of mindfulness from the perspective of advanced meditators --- A multiple case study The experience of parents self-directing the care of their children with developmental disabilities: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The experience of recovery from addiction for people who have added a healthy diet and an exercise plan, and developed spirituality as dimensions of their recovery process: A phenomenological study The experience of stress in children with Tourette's disorder: An interpretive phenomenological examination from the child's perspective The experience of therapists who work with prostitutes The experience of women who have obtained their PhDs: A qualitative inductive analysis The experience of yoga as a complementary treatment for depression: A qualitative study The experiences of adolescents whose military parents have been deployed: A phenomenological inquiry The experiences of bullied adolescents: A case study approach The experiences of employed family caregivers who engage in health promotion: A generic qualitative study The experiences of mental toughness for amateur basketball players: A phenomenological study The experiences of the parents of a depressed child The experiences of unemployed U.S. veterans: A multiple case study The experiences that enhance and inhibit learning for post-secondary students diagnosed with ADHD: A qualitative study The impact of cognitive behavioral group therapy and client-centered group therapy on the self-esteem and self-efficacy of at-risk adolescents in an alternative school-based setting The impact of death anxiety on therapists' professional confrontation with death issues The impact of distance traveled and client load on the level of professional burnout The impact of educational preparation on test performance for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium examination for alcohol and other drug abuse counselors The impact of employment on severe and persistent mental illness: A community mental health study of self-esteem and symptomatology The impact of ethnicity/race on substance abuse treatment admissions: Factors that influence African American, Latino American, and European American populations The impact of military deployment on the lives of significant others: A multiple case study The impact of natural supports on employment retention for TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) women with substance abuse The impact of peer support programs on the process of recovery from mental illness: A comparative analysis The impact of prison-based substance abuse treatment on rates of recidivism among female offenders The impact of religion and spirituality in the lives of African American women: A generic qualitative study The impact of self -efficacy on victims coping with a disaster: A phenomenological study The impact of self esteem on youth's preference of therapist traits The impact of short -term meditation program on criminal justice college students The impact of the evidence-based practice movement on Pennsylvania licensed psychologists: A quantitative study The impact of untreated childhood trauma on child welfare worker burnout The influence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the development of substance abuse disorder in adolescents The influence of empowerment on recovery in psychiatric treatment: An exploratory study of therapeutic relationships The influence of goal orientation on levels of self-efficacy and the resulting relationship with academic performance for graduate students The influence of health beliefs and depression on health-promoting behavior associated with diabetes prevention and treatment in an American Indian community The influence of polycystic ovary syndrome on sexual satisfaction of heterosexual married women The influence of social support systems on the degree of PTSD symptoms in the elderly The interrelationship of grief and adult attachment prior to and following the death of a partner The lived experience of a spiritual transformation in the everyday lives of alcoholic men new to recovery: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adoptive mothers raising children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A phenomenological study The lived experience of being betrayed by a romantic partner's online infidelity: A phenomenological investigation The lived experience of children who have a sibling who has been diagnosed with pediatric bipolar disorder The lived experience of clients treated with buprenorphine for opioid withdrawal protracted depression The lived experience of contemplating purpose and meaning in life The lived experience of highly religious Orthodox Jewish students in graduate programs in psychology and social work The lived experience of homeless college students: A phemenological study The lived experience of postpartum depression in Orthodox Jewish women The lived experience of primary family caregivers for combat disabled veterans The lived experience of recovery from opioid addiction for adults without family support: A phenomenological study The lived experience of resilience for victims of traumatic vehicular accidents: A phenomenological study The lived experience of therapists practicing psychodynamic group therapy: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of alcoholism in older women The lived experiences of having a parent with multiple sclerosis: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of older adults who abuse alcohol: Why and how they became sober The lived experiences of women with postpartum depression and medicine The military child: An examination of anxiety occurring during parental deployment The military experience: Perceptions from senior military officers' wives The moderating effects of humor on job burnout among mental health therapists: A multiple regression analysis approach The mortal healer: A heuristic study of the personal experience of illness in clinical practice The nature of the improved subjective well-being of adult children of alcoholics The noncustodial parents description of the experience of Parental Alienation Syndrome: A phenomenological study The obese female and the bariatric weight loss treatment: Potential adverse issues involving patient self -esteem The perceived impact of the ABA and TEACCH approaches on the functional learning of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder The perspective of middle-aged African American women toward being obese: A generic qualitative approach The prevalence of comorbid psychiatric disorders in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The process of adjustment to HIV diagnosis for HIV positive African American female baby boomers: A grounded theory study The process of forgiveness in persons with substance use disorders: A grounded theory study The process of parenting oppositional and defiant children The psychological structure of African Americans who terminate mental health treatment services after their initial sessions The psychometric profile of adolescent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The relationship among caseload, years of experience, sex offender recidivism, and burnout in sex offender treatment providers The relationship among the impostor phenomenon, self -esteem, and gender in high achieving African Americans The relationship between academic achievement, academic performance and self-esteem of high school juniors at a public high school in central Florida The relationship between global self -esteem and fear of flying in adults The relationship between high-intensity interval training and adult ADHD-like symptoms The relationship between life balance and work stress in corporate executives The relationship between prior exposure with evidence-supported treatments and use of EST in practice The relationship between professional burnout and marital satisfaction The relationship between professional development curricula and effective nursing educational strategies for recovery from eating disorders: A meta-analysis The relationship between the lunar cycle and the admission of adolescents to psychiatric facilities The relationship between therapeutic foster parenting style and placement longevity The relationship of cognitive profile to differential diagnosis of high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome The relationship of impulsivity and alcohol consumption with alcohol-related negative consequences The relationship of life satisfaction and happiness with anger and depression in male inmates The relationship of self-esteem, spirituality, negative emotional symptoms, and locus of control to posttraumatic growth in older, middle class adults The relationship of stress and duty status on the psychological and physical health of Gulf War Veterans The relationships among shame, working alliance and aftercare attendance to treatment outcomes The single parent experience of teaching self determination to a child that has intellectual disabilities: A case study The survivors of child maltreatment description of the process of becoming a parent: A grounded theory study The systemizing quotient in adults with asperger's syndrome, adhd, and a control group The therapist's description of the experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as it pertains to youth with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A qualitative study Therapeutic tools and methods for reducing aggressive behavior in Generation Z youth: A qualitative study Therapists' experience with therapeutic touch: A phenomenological study Toward a scientific method of evaluating quarterback potentials Toward a viable typology of men who sexually offend against minors: Common factors on the millon clinical multiaxial inventory, 3rd edition and the multiphasic sexual inventory, 2nd edition Transformative learning in nonformal education: An action research study examining epistemological differences among women in an addiction recovery support program Traumatic exposure, PTSD, coping responses, and emotional disclosure patterns in the college population Treatment program evaluation for pre -adolescent children with sexual behavior problems Understanding the experience of suicidality during adolescence among lower socioeconomic strata gay males: An exploratory qualitative research study Understanding the experiences of health care professionals who treat opioid addicted patients with chronic pain Understanding the life experiences and perceptions of aggressive behavior in young adults Understanding their ride: An heuristic phenomenological investigation of long-distance motorcycle riding Unilingual English speaking therapist working with limited English speaking (LEP) Haitian clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment Using a phenomenological approach to explore lived experiences of hospice workers Vagus nerve stimulation for reactive attachment disorder Veterans' experience of posttraumatic growth through Christian spirituality: A heuristics study Voluntary family counseling and therapy in the home: A theoretical framework What adolescent mothers who successfully complete high school and avoid additional unplanned pregnancy perceive as factors in their success What individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia perceive to be their motivation to attend a day treatment program When Eros meets autos: Marriage to someone with autism spectrum disorder When a soldier returns home from Iraq and/or Afghanistan with post -traumatic stress disorder: The lived experience of the spouse When female married Army war veterans return from Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars: A qualitative assessment of the husbands' lived experiences Wilderness therapy: The impact of the psychosocial work environment on field instructors Women's perceptions of their physician's concerns for their mental health and the likelihood of being screened for post-partum depression Women's spirituality and resilience Work stress, hardiness, and burnout among nursing faculty Working despite illness: The relationship between employee demographics and job stressors in mental health organizations