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A heuristic view of a pastors' wife leading a nontraditional role within a religious organization A qualitative study exploring the religious orienting system and religious coping strategies of hospital chaplains A quantitative study of the listening practices of African -American leader/managers of faith-based nonprofit organizations in the U.S. A stained glass ceiling for female clergy: An investigation of three churches perspective A study of senior pastor turnover and organizational performance in local churches A study of the leader behaviors necessary to lead churches of different sizes: A quantitative study A study on intrinsic motivational needs and engagement of leaders African American women in the urban Black church: The experience of black female clergy An exploration of emotional intelligence and its relationship to Catholic clergy in the Archdiocese of Agana, Guam An exploratory study of the leadership style and practice of Greek Orthodox priests in the United States An investigation of significant differences in transformational leadership qualities between Imams educated in the Middle East and Imams educated in the United States An investigation of the child abuse reporting practices and attitudes of clergy in the state of Indiana Black Christian clergy's perception of mental health and treatment intervention: A descriptive phenomenological analysis Depressive symptoms among members of the clergy serving on the New Mexico District of the Church of the Nazarene in the United States Differentiation of self and leadership effectiveness in Christian clergy: A mixed methods study Domestic violence training program among African American Pastors and its effectiveness of promoting domestic violence awareness in the church Emotional intelligence and conflict management style among Christian clergy Evaluating the relationship between the level of leaders' trait hope, the level of followers' state hope, and the positive outcomes of groups: A case study of U.S. Community of Christ congregations Expectation versus reality among male graduates of seminary who entered the ministry: A phenomenological study From test to testimony: A narrative study of the influence of crucible experience on senior pastoral leadership Intention to leave among American Baptist clergy: An analysis of its relationship to burnout, organizational commitment and value congruence Leadership style and church attendance: An ex post facto study of Churches of Christ in Texas Leadership style and church membership: The relationship dynamics of churches on the East Coast of the United States Pastoral burnout and leadership styles: A mixed-methods study of Southern Baptist pastors in Central Florida Spirituality and grief: The effect of protestant clergy's own grief reactions and compassion fatigue The Lived Experience of Wellness in Roman Catholic Priests Who Provide the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick The business of evangelism: A phenomenological study of frustration and attrition among Christian evangelists The influence of attachment style and an online educational experience on male clergy interpersonal boundaries The lived experience of leadership for female pastors in religious organizations The relationship between African American clergy and lay leaders' beliefs, knowledge and behavioral intentions on HIV/AIDS prevention program resources The relationship between pastoral leadership characteristics and church size and growth The role of the African American church and knowledge of the Charitable Choice Act Understanding the sources of occupational stress and burnout among Assembly of God clergy and the resulting implications