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A generic qualitative inquiry of the perception of English-speaking West Indian immigrants in the US towards psychological services A health belief study of the African Caribbean American population age 35--85 years in an urban New York City community, about the type 2 diabetes mellitus disease A phenomenological study of Caribbean police collaborative efforts Economic self-sufficiency and resiliency among U.S. Virgin Islands TANF leavers Exploring advocates' work experiences with female victims of domestic violence from the Afro-caribbean community Globalization, assimilation, culture erasure: A review of Trinidad and Tobago Leadership succession in the nongovernmental sector in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Self-governance of Caribbean nations: A correlation and comparative study of the island nations of Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Lucia The Lived Experience of Caribbean Women and Their Experiences as Senior-Level Leaders: A Phenomenological Study The Puerto Rican mother's experience of the coming out process of her homosexual child The effects of crime and tourism development in Jamaica The lived experience of counselors working with English-speaking Caribbean immigrant parents who use physical discipline with their children: A phenomenological study