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21st century human resources executive perceptions on formal education, organizational development, and professional self-development A Level 4 evaluation of a Structured On -the -Job operator training intervention at a North American paper mill A case study exploring online MBA problem -based learning courses' impact on learner experience A comparative analysis of factors related to the performance of ethnic majorities and minority-owned small businesses in Alabama A correlational study: Transformational leadership style and employee trust in small business organizations in the state of Georgia A grounded theory study on the importance of leadership education and student preparation for entry-level leadership roles A phenomenological study of nonprofit leaders' call to serve A qualitative exploration of experiential practitioner dynamics of enterprise executive capability development and a comparison to the educational objectives and dynamic capabilities frameworks A qualitative exploration of management education: Business school offerings in comparison to employer expectations A qualitative exploratory study: Underrepresentation of African Americans among California community college business faculty A qualitative inquiry of the benefits of diversity training for leaders in global mergers and acquisitions A qualitative study on the effects of mentoring on the performance of female business owners in metropolitan Atlanta A quantitative examination of gender's impact on the barriers of advancement to senior-level management positions A quantitative examination of the relationship of work experience to attitudes of business ethics in graduate students A quantitative study of the impact of CFO and auditor turnover on internal control weaknesses A rationale of a veteran -specific entrepreneurial curriculum A study of supervisor factors and their relationship to transfer of learning in a sales training course A study of the impact of learning styles in a business environment when learning is conducted virtually/electronically A study of the leadership skills needs of businesses in a community college leadership development curriculum A synthesis and application teaching approach for group projects in an undergraduate business course: An action research study A theory of thriving for small business owners: A grounded theory study A validation of the learning organization as a driver of performance improvement Action research study of a videotaped role -play used in training newly -hired sales people in a mid -sized financial institution Activities used in the adult graduate business classroom: Analysis of environmental scanning and teaching African American Chief Operations Officers and their perspectives of human performance improvement in African American nonprofit organizations An assessment of the effectiveness of Transition Assistance Program (TAP) with U.S. military veterans' transition after returning to civilian life An examination of teacher effectiveness in business education: Implications for business education teacher preparation programs An exploration of Blue Ocean Strategy's capacity to sustain small businesses: A qualitative study An exploratory qualitative study of the four constructs of interaction and globally dispersed virtual teams An exploratory study of attributes of successful negotiators of Foreign Military Sales An investigation of a railroad safety training program on the relationship between self-efficacy and safety climate attitudes An investigation of transformational leadership in a virtual learning environment An investigation of variance in learning styles among a multi-generational workforce: Implications for management education curriculum Anticipating an organization's long-term success with implementing a virtual proposal tool Are baccalaureate graduates prepared for work, internship or no internship program? A qualitative exploratory inquiry Broken agreements and management in the airline industry: An intrinsic qualitative case study of a major US airline Business ethics in the accounting curriculum: A comparative study Charity and women: A study of the philanthropic giving patterns of African American, Asian, and Hispanic women Combining coaching and temperament: Implications for middle management leadership development Continuous change and organizational performance: An exploratory investigation of the perceptions of MBA and PhD business and technology graduates Corporate college: A business model for contract training Correlation between self-efficacy and transfer of training in the virtual team environment Creating engagement: The use of Expectancy Theory in corporate customer service teams Creation and validation of the Salesperson Competency Analysis: A competency model for entry-level business -to -business salespeople in the services industry Critical Black Belt mentor attributes and self-efficacy Critical success factors: How one multinational company develops global e -learning Customer service and spiritual leadership Developing future leaders: An exploratory qualitative inquiry of organized youth programs and the development of successful adult leaders Development and validation of a prototype Web-based knowledge approach supporting an increase in accelerated learning -for -knowing competence Disabled online learners: Benefits and drawbacks of online education and learning platforms when pursuing higher education Distance education: A measurement of job satisfaction of full-time business faculty in Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs at accredited colleges of business Do leaders use more humor E -learning design 2.0: Emergence, connected networks and the creation of shared knowledge E-mentoring: Technology, trust, and frequency in corporate e-mentoring relationships Educators' perceptions and value of career and technical education programs Effectiveness of certificate-based executive education programs for Fortune 1000 companies Effects of discussion postings on retention and success rates in community college introductory accounting classes Elements of a context-specific model of critical thinking in management: A Delphi study Engaging the paradox of competence: Business and education research develop a Master of Business Competence model Entrepreneurial intentions: Making the case for entrepreneurship education Entrepreneurial perception: A survey of graduates of a global management MBA program Entrepreneurial success: The effect of fear on human performance Ethical perspectives of MBA graduates, ethics education, and managerial experience: A hierarchical multiple regression analysis Ethics training for introductory accounting students: An analysis of effectiveness at a community college Evidence-based Management content in undergraduate management courses and Rogers' diffusion of innovation theory Examining offshore information technology outsourcing and STEM college pipeline: A quantitative correlational study Examining the process of leader self-identity development among college and university leaders: Developing a grounded theory Exploration of employee commitment to their employers by Baby Boomers and Generation X members Exploring mentoring relationships within a leadership development program: A qualitative inquiry Exploring the decision to return to school: The experiences and reflections of African American women who attained a master's degree during middle age Exploring the ergonomic competencies and proficiencies of human performance improvement professionals: A mixed methods exploratory study Exploring the organizational commitment of PCA/DS professionals: A qualitative study within the disability services industry Exploring the use of the human performance improvement model in an academic quality improvement program institution Factors influencing Japanese tourism to Hawaii: A macroeconomic analysis (1980--2006) Factors that affect peer rater accuracy in multirater feedback systems Factors that support an organization to last based on the perception of non-supervisory employees Faculty and student perceptions of business ethics education at an undergraduate institution Flexible work arrangements: An evaluation of job satisfaction and work--life balance Formative evaluation of an impact assessment model for conflict management interventions Gender stereotypes and self-perceptions among college students Global managers: What are the experiences that lead to developing the skills necessary for global managers to manage effectively across multiple cultures? HR professionals' experience with downsizing and survivorship: An exploratory inquiry Has technology become a need? A qualitative study exploring three generational cohorts' perception of technology in regards to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs How associations of feedback delivery influence performance improvement in operations managers: A transfer of training study How organizations and individuals achieve significant and sustainable increases in sales performance: A study of transformational learning in sales environments Human capital contributions to organizational innovativeness: A quantitative explanatory study of firstline manager perception among Fortune 500 organizations Human resource careers of baby boomers: An inquiry of perceptions of competent performance Identifying successful telework factors through the study of the relationship between personality and workplace isolation Importance of technical and managerial competency on the skills sets needed to improve student performance Influence of e-learning on sales productivity Informal communication: A case study of high school communication frequencies, patterns, and attitudes toward change Instructional strategies and learning theories that authenticate learning for business-related professional practice Internationalization of MBA programs: A review of the international aspect of master's of business -level programs in top domestic institutions Investigation and evaluation of line leaders' perception and application of performance management interventions used to influence employee engagement Investigation of ERP teaching and practitioner experiences related to ISO 9000 core standards Is it used? A study of factors influencing the transfer of sales training Is management education better learned in teams? A study of teamwork within the business education curriculum Job readiness training: A qualitative study of program graduates in rural South Carolina Job spirit: How soul and spiritual leadership capacities impact human performance Knowledge and use of student-centered instructional techniques, alternative assessment methods, and new educational technology in adult business education Law and order: Teaching critical and strategic thinking for a complex world Leader behaviors and organizational change effectiveness Leading into the future: An exploration of learning modality and leadership style Learner -centered learning: A solution to the future needs of Motor Vehicle Division training Learning approaches that influence business process modeling and notation: A generic qualitative inquiry Learning for tomorrow's leaders: A study of management education and practice for Millennials Learning transfer: A study of peer support and individual performance in a South American work culture MBA programs: Learning, conditions, and outcomes Mathematics anxiety in adult undergraduate business students: A descriptive study Measuring the perceived value of a business accounting degree: A qualitative case study Meeting the competency expectations of the project management community in degree programs Motivation of adult PhD business students toward degree completion: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Needs and changing missions: Post North American Free Trade Agreement workforce development in community colleges along the Texas-Mexico border Nepotistic ideology in nonprofit and for-profit family-owned and operated organizations Nonprofit executive successor planning: A phenomenology of nonprofit executive leadership transition Nonprofit organizations executives' lived expereinces of quality management: An interpretive phenomenological analysis Online communities of practice: Factors that affect usage from a multiple stakeholder perspective Online study tour. China and U.S.: The feasible future for all institutions Organizational learning: A management education analysis of the learning styles and strategies of a multi-generational workforce in the HR profession Practicing accounting profession criterial skills in the classroom: A study of collaborative testing and the impact on final exam scores Preparing for the PMP exam: A quasi-experimental study on project management training and task management self-efficacy Process principles and improvements: A case study of the healthcare industry Project management, leadership, and performance: A quantitative study of the relationship between project managers' leadership styles, years of experience and critical success factors (CSFs) to project success Quantitative analysis of the relationship between organizational construct and opportunities to improve strategy execution Rapid-prototyping: A qualitative case study of perceived value for instructional designers Reaching New Heights and Executive Development: Evaluation of leadership development Referral decisions as a core competency: Experiences of coaches of nonprofit executives Relationships among academic dishonesty, moral obligation, and fraud detection software Self-awareness and its impact on the performance of care professionals Sense-making as a communication model for human performance improvement interventions Servant leadership from the student officer perspective in Phi Theta Kappa Setting a good example: Supervisor behavior modeling and transfer of learning Social networking sites as virtual communities of practice: A mixed method study Strategic human resource management: A qualitative collective case study of small to medium nonprofits Success factors for African American entrepreneurs in North Carolina: A qualitative study Successful ethnic youth alumni: A case study of southern workforce development program uses and benefits Supervisor behavior: Its role in the working relationship and retention of Millennial nurses Supervisors' perceptions on using course management software during business education student teaching experiences Taming the competencies of timeshare management: A competency domain cluster analysis for the timeshare industry The academic performance of introverted and extroverted students in traditional and online business courses: An analysis based on the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator The andragogy amalgamation: Examining instructional methodologies and techniques optimal for the transfer of procedural knowledge in organizations The balanced scorecard: A comparative study of accounting education and experience on common measure bias and trust in a balanced scorecard The connection between problem-based learning and student learning outcomes: An action research study The effect of reengineering workflow processes at an enterprise service desk The effectiveness of e-learning in a multicultural environment The epistemological beliefs of pre-professional accounting students: An analysis utilizing the Epistemological Beliefs Inventory The factors required for winning the business simulation game: A regression analysis The impact of business curriculum on a student's entrepreneurial orientation The impact of business ethics courses on student moral development: A mixed methods study at three Iowa Christian colleges The impact of executive coaching on job performance from the perspective of executive women The impact of safety culture on worker motivation and the economic bottom line The impact of secondary education internship programs on academic achievement, technical skill development and social growth The impact of the MBA on career outcomes: An analysis of male and female graduates The impact of training resources on performance -based contracting: An investigation using a government contracting training course The lived experience of authenticity in leadership: A heuristic study The motivations of online learners The propensity to pursue executive coaching: Variables of self-efficacy and transformational leadership The relationship between job satisfaction and leadership practices: A survey -based analysis of full -time business faculty in the Wisconsin Technical College System The relationship of group cohesion on motivation and performance for adjunct faculty members The role of management education faculty in the development of the knowledge worker: A phenomenological study The role of training and performance-related education in retention of community-based behavioral health workers in northeast Florida The tacit knowledge transfer process: How middle managers facilitate knowledge sharing in organizations The valued relationship between workforce training and economic development: A correlation study To be or not to be globally competent: A qualitative study exploring the perceptions and realities of business graduate skill-sets on employability in the 21st century To succeed or not to succeed: Evaluating the application of management training in the nonprofit environment Transformational and transactional leadership styles: An exploratory investigation of traditional and nontraditional student perceptions Tuition reimbursement effect on affective commitment Understanding the nature of relationship between self-constructs and leadership behaviors as a function of generation University human resource management curriculum and human resource management competencies: A comparative study Use of professionally qualified accounting faculty at AACSB public universities: A transcendental phenomenological exploration Using Total Quality Management to achieve academic program effectiveness: An evaluation of administrator and faculty perceptions in business schools at historically Black colleges and universities Using an evaluative case study to determine the impact of a learning intervention for newly promoted supervisors using the CORE Feedback Model Using communities of practice for the professional development of workplace learning and performance professionals Virtual communities of practices among business professionals: A quantitative analysis of trust and sense of community Write how? Do writers have the instructional design skills they need to develop effective corporate communications?