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"Let us make men": Investigating the causal impact of fraternity intake completion on leadership development in HBCU undergraduates "Missing in action" A study of the underrepresentation of African American male kindergarten through grade 12 educators in public school systems "STEMulating" success factors: An investigation of the academic talents of successful Black male college graduates from STEM programs A Study of Parenting Dimensions and Family Conflict in Hispanic and African American Families: Implications for Social Research A case study of how Black students living in Southern California's Mojave Desert perceive school factors influence their ability to graduate from high school A case study of marginalized African -American males' participation and nonparticipation in an adult education program A case study of the factors that influence the persistence of African American students at a predominantly White two-year technical /vocational college A case study: Assessing and improving voluntary financial transparency in Black Baptist churches A case study: How do social and academic experiences of African American nontraditional female students on HBCU campuses influence their motivation to graduate? A comparative analysis of factors related to the performance of ethnic majorities and minority-owned small businesses in Alabama A comparative analysis of selected variables of 12-to-15 year old males in special education and the juvenile justice system A comparative analysis regarding factors related to 13- to 18-year-old African American male adolescents in special education and the justice system A comparison of motivational orientations among male African -American and Caucasian high school student-athletes A correlational examination of African American males and the decision to become information technology professionals A correlational study of childhood religiosity, childhood sport participation, and sport-learned aggression among African American female athletes A correlational study of the academic self-concept and persistence of African Americans who attend 2-year colleges A descriptive case study on African American and Hispanic parents' values of education and the impact on student achievement A foreign affair: A phenomenological study of barriers to adult Liberian refugees' success in the American college classroom A generic qualitative inquiry of childhood experiences and their influence on marital satisfaction amoung African American women A historical comparative look at African American teachers after Brown v. Board of Education A mother's grief: An exploration of the effect of grief on Black American mothers A narrative inquiry of the school experiences of African American males who dropped out of high school A perceptual study of high-fidelity patient simulation on learning confidence in African American nursing students A phenomenological approach to understanding motivational career choices of African American criminal justice students A phenomenological experience of African-American males with emotional and behavioral disorders in a rural south eastern U.S. community A phenomenological perspective on parenting experience among African American mothers living with HIV disease A phenomenological study of the educational learning experiences of African American college students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) A phenomenological study of the lived childhood experience of Black women and how these experiences impact perceptions of achieving marital satisfaction A phenomenological study of the lived experience of aging Nigerian professionals living in exile in the United States of America A proposed theoretical model of self-efficacy and resiliency among African American professionals: A grounded theory study A qualitative analysis of the experiences, opinions, and reasons given for dropping out of high school by African American students A qualitative exploratory study: Underrepresentation of African Americans among California community college business faculty A qualitative phenomenological exploration of fatherhood, Islam and African American male converts A qualitative study of the lived experiences of single, low-income, African American grandmothers raising grandchildren A qualitative study of women of color balancing career and family A qualitative study on the retention and graduation rates of African American students at a community college A quantitative study of the listening practices of African -American leader/managers of faith-based nonprofit organizations in the U.S. A quantitative study of the relationship between perceived racial discrimination and racial-ethnic identity development of Black men A sacred affair: A case study of the sociopolitical activist traditions of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church A study comparing the academic achievement of African American male students enrolled in two types of nontraditional high schools A study of African American male students' academic achievement and school attitude in an urban elementary school A study of African American pastoral attitude and experiences with health promotions in a rural community A study of Black adolescent males' literacy experiences in Middle College High School A study of Georgia's hidden curriculum: Institutional discrimination in the eighth grade A study of body image perceptions related to appearance, fitness and health orientation among Black women A study of educational experiences and goal attainment among African American female graduate students A study of racial stereotypes and self-efficacy in high-achieving African American adolescent males A study of recruitment, retention, and graduation rates for African American students at four-year predominately White higher education institutions in Georgia A study of teacher-perceived differences in the leadership styles of African-American and Caucasian principals A study of the impact of single sex classes on the self -efficacy of urban African American adolescent males Academic self-efficacy and social role modeling in African American college students Achievement gap in mathematics among Black and White students in South Carolina Achieving executive status within the federal government: A phenomenological study of African American male senior executives within the Department of Defense Acuired immune deficiency syndrome and immigrants: A look at HIV /AIDS knowledge and risk behaviors among African immigrants in Guilford County Addressing student retention at a Historically Black College and University Adolescent African American males and motivational values: An exploration of middle school student motivational values systems in education Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers African American Chief Operations Officers and their perspectives of human performance improvement in African American nonprofit organizations African American adults perspectives on child/adolescent bullying: Attitudes and knowledge African American certified public accountants: A phenomenological study of mentoring relationships African American college students' perceptions of how skin tone bias is learned and how it affects perceived self -efficacy African American entrepreneurs in Alabama: A phenomenological study of their motivation and success strategies African American families and autism: A phenomenological investigation of the lived experiences of African American parents who care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) African American female adolescent body image distress: Impact on self -esteem and life satisfaction African American female community college graduates: A phenomenological study of motivation and success strategies for persistence in Minnesota African American female entrepreneurs in Atlanta: A case study of critical success factors African American female entrepreneurs in a southwestern urban area: A qualitative study of significant success factors African American female student perceptions of social engagement and the impact on their persistence in college African American generals: A multiple case study of motivation and success strategies African American girls' perceptions of their adjustment from coeducational elementary schools to a single-gender middle school, and how they believe educators can best support this transition: A case study African American grandmothers as parents and their perceptions of educational support in a rural setting African American men in organizations: A critical interpretation of work-life balance through role determination and organizational support African American men's representation at the senior management level: A study on the perception of succession planning African American mothers of children with autism and their experiences of receiving support: A generic qualitative study African American parents' perceptions of barriers to academic success in a rural elementary school African American single mothers: Intergenerational transmission, parenting styles, educational, and professional attainment African American women administrators at the community colleges of Illinois: An investigation of obstacles and persistence African American women and obesity: The lived experience African American women entrepreneurs' experience obtaining financial capital for business start-up African American women wealth builders in the $100k Club: An exploratory qualitative study of the motivation and success strategies African American women with Lupus: A phenomenological study African American women's career advancement: A study of opportunity recognition in career advancement to executive level positions African American women's perceptions of hospice for end-of-life care African American women's thoughts, emotions, and behavioral experiences with using pedometers to increase physical activity African Americans making a career decision in the area of entrepreneurship African immigrants' small businesses in a midwestern city in the United States: Constraints and strategies for survival Against all odds: A socioeconomic analysis of academic achievement Against all odds: A study of the success strategies and motivations of African American business owners in a rural Georgia county Against the odds: A basic qualitative inquiry that examines teachers' perceptions of how motivational factors contribute to the academic achievement of African American male students Alumni giving: A case study of the factors that influence philanthropic behavior of alumni donors of historically Black colleges and universities An analysis of the effect of STEM initiatives on socially responsible diversity management in the US aerospace and defense industry An evaluation of academic advisors' roles in effective retention An examination of mentorship: African American females in school administration positions An examination of teacher efficacy and teachers' expectations of student achievement An examination of the influence of self efficacy, locus of control, and perceptions of parent involvement on academic achievement of urban high school students An examination of the lived experiences of successful African American men attending a Historically Black University An exploration of historically black colleges and universities' initiative to develop and implement comprehensive emergency management planning An exploratory study on the effectiveness of Montessori constructs and traditional teaching methodology as change agents to increase academic achievement of elementary Black students An investigation of teacher use of cooperative learning with low achieving African American students Analysis of the relationship between Latino and African American male high schools graduation rates and principal leadership style Appreciating and valuing parenting by African American same-sex parents: A qualitative analysis Are young adult college attending African American women protecting themselves from HIV/AIDS? A study of sexual assertiveness characteristics Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Attachment, religion, and reporting behaviors of Black women who are victims of intimate partner violence Attitudes and preferences in mentoring among African American women in human service leadership Attitudinal response of African American males to standardized testing Autoethnography: Individual perceptions of a healthy lifestyle that contributes to obesity Barriers preventing involvement between nonresident African American fathers and their biological children Barriers that prevent African American inmates from getting their General Educational Development certificate: A qualitative phenomenological study Barriers to success and positive outcomes of single mothers: A phenomenological study Barriers, motivation, and success strategies of African American women executives in nonprofit organizations: A qualitative phenomenological study Beyond the barriers: An epistemological study of the paradigm affecting the continuing educational development of nontraditional black graduates Biracial Alaska Native-African American adults: Examining the racial socialization process that impacts identity formation Black -owned businesses: An investigation of factors affecting performance Black Christian clergy's perception of mental health and treatment intervention: A descriptive phenomenological analysis Black correctional officers' perspectives of caring for Black inmates: A phenomenological study Black racial identity attitude development: An assessment of nigrescence among African American college students Black students' decision to transfer from community colleges to Predominately White Institutions Black voices: African-American young adult males' perceptions of teacher-student relationships and implications for academic achievement Black women in the workplace: A perception of how race, gender, and age affect success, fulfillment, job satisfaction, and stress Body image perception of African American women attending an all-female, historically Black college Breast cancer in African American women: A qualitative study Can resiliency in Black adolescent males be correlated with parenting style? Can you see what they see: An adolescent perspective of dating practices Career advancement: A study of Black American women administrators in higher education Career framework: A study of Black men in corporate executive positions in "Fortune" 1000 companies Career influences: A phenomenological study of African American professionals in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry Career plateau and African American women middle managers in professional organizations Closing the achievement gap through the retention of African American students in gifted programs Closing the gap: Relationships between the perceived use of instructional practices and the academic success of African American students Communicator style, cohesiveness, and conflict management style: Differences between African-American male and female athletes Comparison of sentencing outcomes for felony DUI convictions among Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics in South Carolina Conflict resolution styles and strategies in marriages of African American heterosexual couples Counseling low-income African American men post-2008 presidental election: a phenomenologocial study of lived experiences Creating space for the female voice: Sociocultural influences on being raised in a single parent home Critical success factors of Black financial advisors in the brokerage industry Cultivating a passion for excellence in African American and Latino college males: Mentor experiences in multitheoretical organizational ethnography Cultural conflicts and crises in marriages among the Igbo ethnic group of Nigerian -Americans living in metropolitan New York Differentiated instruction in developmental mathematics classes and achievement of ethnic minority students Displaced African American workers in New York: Phenomenological study of the role of Christian spirituality in their transformative learning journey Do words harm? The perceptions and attitudes of African American college students to hate speech Does social development affect academic performance in eleven to fourteen year old African American males: Academic success for middle school males Dropout crisis: Can teaching reading in content areas reduce the dropout rate for African American students? Early childhood programs and African American educators: Experiences about father involvement Education after incarceration: Adult African American male former offenders and their perception of higher education Effective academic advising and African American firstyear students: A qualitative study Effective teaching traits relevant to the academic success of African American students Empowerment of African American women leaders in higher education: A multiple case study Enhancing parent-child interaction therapy in low-socioeconomic status African American communities Erectile dysfunction: A barrier to prostate cancer screening among African American men Ethnic disparities in teachers' disciplinary approaches towards students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A quantitative study Evaluating academic achievement of African-American male students in relationship to African-American male teachers in Guilford County, North Carolina Public Schools Evaluation of African American low birth weight outcomes in the city of Milwaukee Examining the effectiveness of mentoring African American entrepreneurs Examining the use of the College Self-Efficacy Inventory to establish a retention strategy for incoming African American freshmen males Experience becoming a role model among male African Americans, 18--30 years, who are role models to male African Americans, 6--18 years Exploring bicultural competence as a factor in academic success of black undergraduate students at predominantly white institutions Exploring the experiences of Nigerian immigrants to North Carolina adjustment and settlement issues Exploring the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of professional African American women about their risk for contracting HIV: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experiences of first and second-generation undergraduate Black female students at a predominantly White university Exploring the lived experiences of rural African Americans accessing mental health services Exploring the lived sexual experiences and condom use consistency of heterosexual African American men at risk for HIV infection Exploring the perceptions of intimate partner violence among African-American women in rural communities Factors affecting treatment adherence of African American women with Chronic Kidney Disease who receive hemodialysis treatment: A quantitative study Factors influencing the self-efficacy of Black high school students enrolled in PLTW pre-engineering courses Factors related to parental school involvement of African American parents of students with above average academic achievement: A qualitative case study Factors related to stress among administrators at historically Black colleges and universities Factors that affect the advancement of African American women to CEO-level positions in banking within the Chicago metro central district Factors that hinder underrepresented minority ADN students from initially pursuing a baccalaureate degree Factors that impact help -seeking among battered African American women: Application of critical and survivor theories Failure is not an option: A study on the effects of Personalized Education Plans on adolescent African American males Fatherhood and the psychological well-being of Black men Fighting through resistance: Challenges faced by African American women principals in predominately White school settings Grounded in your culture: The hidden key to promoting academic achievement among African American adolescent males Happiness in general and at work: A phenomenological study with U.S. southern professional African American women High-stakes tests: Comparative study examining the impact on the achievement gap that causes minority students continued failure How African American women who have sustained full remission describe the process of recovery from illicit drug use: A grounded theory study How personality affects HIV and AIDS awareness among Black men and their communities Identification of variables influencing high achievement among urban Black American middle and high school students in one county in North Carolina Identifying motivators of African-American male volunteer-engagement in religious nonprofit organizations Impact of a physical disability on African American men: A generic qualitative study Impact of content instructional reading strategies on African American and Latino male students in the secondary school setting Improving college access and career readiness for African American high school students In God we trust: The experiences of African American women administrators at Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member schools In search of resilience: Developmental and motivational perspectives on sustained abstinence among African American men who used crack cocaine Increasing alumni giving at historically Black colleges and universities Increasing the enrollment of African American males in advanced mathematics and science courses in high school Influence of mentoring on African American and Hispanic males in high school Informal caregiving: The African-American experiences, associated with caring for children in the extended family Inspiring leadership through networking: Narrative study of women in middle management roles Intraracial Discrimination: A Study of African American Women Who Identify as Darker-Skinned Is charter school an answer for inner-city students? A study of inclusion among disadvantaged Black male students with disabilities Is it cool to go to school? An examination of the relationship between the Black-White achievement gap and hip hop music and culture It is all in the percentages: Black -White achievement gap in 6--8 middle schools in South Carolina Keeping the brothers focused: A study of the impact of male mentoring on the community college level Labor participation of single mothers: A comparison of economic stability factors of Black and White American single mothers in metropolitan areas in northeastern America from 1976 to 2005 Ladies sing the blues: How depressed African American women describe what they learned during psychotherapy, a phenomenological study Late registration and African American males' academic performance in a suburban community college system Leadership analysis: An investigation of the relationships between leadership styles of the African immigrants' heads of the households and success of the African immigrants in the United States Lessons learned from examining how African American males experience developing a sense of masculinity Life after the homicide of young urban African American males: Parental experiences Lifelong learning: An examination of attitudes and practices of Black adults' informal learning experiences Lift every voice: A qualitative exploration of ageism and heterosexism as experienced by older African American lesbian women and gay men when addressing social services needs Lived experiences of at-risk adult students attending historically black colleges and universities: A phenomenological inquiry Looking back and looking forward: The perspectives of African American men on success in college Male African American officers in the United States Coast Guard: The unique characteristics of those who reach the senior officer ranks Mathematics achievement gap: Suburban students' perceptions of teaching and learning Measures of marital satisfaction among husbands and wives in dual-earner African-American families Mental health care barriers facing Haitian Americans Mentoring among African American women: A quantitative study Mentoring and career mobility: A case study of United States Air Force African American women Mentoring and career mobility: A comparative study of African American women in the United States healthcare industry Mentoring relationships among African -American women in accredited graduate degree programs: A qualitative study Mentoring relationships among African American women in the Senior Executive Service Mentoring, leadership behaviors, and career success, of African American female faculty and administrators in higher education Middle-aged independent-living African Americans' selections for advance directives: A case study Missing in action: African American males in higher education Motivating at-risk African American secondary students to succeed: A qualitative case study of student perceptions of motivational strategies within an advocacy classroom Motivation and success strategies: A phenomenological study of African American entrepreneurial business owners in Dayton, Ohio No African American male child left behind: Motivating African American male high school students No employee left behind: The lived workplace experiences of inclusion /exclusion of African American engineering professionals within the semiconductor industry No more boys allowed: A study of the overrepresentation of African-American males in EMD K--12 programs Oppression and trauma: Examining the relationship between perceptions of racial oppression and the presence of trauma symptoms in Black Americans Our side of the story: African American parents' perceptions of Caucasian educators Parental involvement: Motivation factors among African American parents Perceived impact of academic support program participation on persistence of first-generation African American male students at a Historically Black College Perceptions and attitudes of partner abuse among African Americans Perceptions and persistence: The impact of culture and environment on African American students enrolled in predominantly white institutions Perceptions and roles of the African American church community in increasing adoptions of African American foster children Perceptions of East Laurens High School Black senior students toward the achievement gap Perceptions of caregiving by African American males caring for an individual with Alzheimer's disease: An exploratory qualitative study Perceptions of collaborative learning from African American males at a predominantly white institution (PWI) Persistence factors of first-generation learners Persisting beyond barriers: Impact of a mentoring program on the retention of African American students at a predominately White Florida university Perspectives of risks and resiliency among African American grandparents as custodial guardians of their grandchildren Physical discipline and child behavior disorders: An examination into the perceptions of African American parents rearing childen with behavior disorders Power brokers: A study of African American female leaders' community participation using networks and collaborative partnerships Predictors of alternative school success: A study of African American male students' perceptions of Alabama alternative school culture Prevalence of STDs in Alabama black adolescent females compared to other ethnicities Principal on the rise: A case study of leadership practices Professional African American men: A growing population or a population at risk? Qualitative study to consider licensed professional counselors' perceptions of pastoral counseling in the African American community Racial Identity Theory and its perceived impact for African American students in an online distance learning program Reception, perception, response: Ninth-grade African American and other ninth-grade Black students' sensitivity to culturally responsive teachers Redefined success: A study of the motivation, success strategies, and leadership practices of African American female entrepreneurs in urban North Carolina Relationship between placement type, time in placement and number of placements and juvenile delinquency: An exploration of African-American males in foster care Relevance and effect of culture on the academic achievement of African American students Religious involvement, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being among young adults in a Black church Rites of passage: The African American women's journey to educational leadership School is your job: A case study on school leadership and Black male achievement Self esteem issues among Black women in Pentecostal Churches Self-efficacy as the primary success factor for nontraditional African American female students pursuing college degrees Shadows and acts: Effects of perceived stereotypes on persistence of Black men in North Carolina community colleges Silent voices: The underachievement of the elementary African American male in a public school of the United States of America Sister to sister: Dynamics of mentoring relationships among African American women in leadership and nonleadership positions within higher education Sitting down to stand up: Black student suspensions /expulsions at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), 1960--1962: A phenomenological study Social and family support and bicultural ethnic identity development: First- and second-generation Nigerian-Americans in New York City Spirituality and coping of the African -American young adult male: A phenomenological study Student perceptions of classroom discussions in an African American institution of higher learning Success factors for African American entrepreneurs in North Carolina: A qualitative study Suggested instructional improvement plans for African American students Suicide grief in African American mothers: The roles of suicide stigmatization, attitudes toward suicide, and John Henryism The African American woman in higher education administration: Exploring the challenges and experiences in colleges and universities The Black-White achievement gap in Georgia: Implications for school improvement and reduction of disparities The Mississippi school dropout quandary: An examination of zero tolerance as a school discipline through the eyes of rural African American high school dropouts in the Mississippi Delta The My Sister's Keeper's project: A spiritually-based weight loss intervention program for African American women, ages 25--64 The Obama effect: A study of African American leadership in the community college The achievement gap and the role of Black community church leaders The achievement gap: Which teaching styles can help close it? The anatomy of success: Academic completion among undergraduate African Americans attending college after a hiatus The career paths of executive women in healthcare leadership: A phenomenological study The career trajectory of African American men who provide mental health services to African American populations The critical role of positive race-relations to avoid cultural discontinuities with African-American male students from disadvantaged families The differences in African American women and their gender role identity The educational and development benefits of utilizing alternative education methods in secondary schools The effect of racism and sexism experienced by black women in America: Understanding the relationship between self-determination and resiliancy The effect of religiosity and spirituality on mate selection and relationship stability among African Americans The effectiveness of music mentoring at the True Music Workshop, Incorporated in an eastern city The effects of termination: A phenomenological study of the experience of black women The emerging leader: A phenomenological study of the woman of color mental health nonprofit leader The entrepreneurial experience of successful black females The experience of equity in long term African American marriages: A descriptive phenomenological study The experience of first-year African American male college students who did not achieve academic success: Case study The experience of success among African-American male college students: A grounded theory study The experiences of African Americans when encountering Caucasian Americans The experiences of female Black mentees in a graduate-level degree program while enrolled at a predominantly white institution The experiences, expecations, and perceptions of the HR profession through the lens of Black men: A phenomenological study The impact of attachment styles on the quality of romantic relationships among African American adults as measured by support, depth, and conflict The impact of ethnic diversity in the workplace: An exploratory, qualitative inquiry on the experience of Black American employees in LMX out-groups The impact of family structure on African American male college success The impact of income on African American women's decisions to leave abusive relationships The impact of musical performing arts on the academic achievement of Black males The impact of positive role models of the successful African American male student's school performance The impact of religion and spirituality in the lives of African American women: A generic qualitative study The impact of satisfaction of life on cognitive functioning in Black elder adults: A correlational study The impact of service oriented actions on African American male school suspensions The impact of the Reentry and Sanction Center on recidivism The importance of mentoring African American women administrators at selected historically Black institutions in the state of Mississippi The influence of college choice on the success, ethnic identity, and professional sense of belonging of African American engineers The influence of cultural, social identity and educational factors on academic achievement among African American high school males: A preliminary study The influence of religiosity on risky sexual behavior in African American women ages 18--25 The influence of the African American father on level of self-efficacy, career achievement, and aspirations of his African American daughter The integration of mental health & education: A comparative review of mental health and social support programs for African American youth The involvement of single African American mothers in the educational lives of their children: Experiences, engagements, and perceptions in an urban school The lack of African-American participation in cancer clinical trials: Mistrust of medical researchers The leadership practices of African American women working in the defense international contracting industry in a deployed status: A quantitative study The leadership style of Dr. Mable Parker McLean: First female president of Barber -Scotia College and first female president of the Presidents Council of the United Negro College Fund The lived career development experiences of African American lesbian managers: A phenomenological study of professional advancement The lived experience of African American custodial grandparents who assume the role of parent The lived experience of African American lesbians revealing their sexual orientation to their parents: A phenomenological inquiry The lived experience of African American women, ages 45-65, whose mothers have died The lived experience of the adult African American female who has lived in multiple foster care placements The lived experiences of African American girls in relation to the mentoring services utilized to address their participation in delinquent activities The lived experiences of African American men between the ages of 45 to 65 recovering from alcohol abuse: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of African American mild intellectually disabled students: Transition planning from high school to post-secondary activities and empowerment The lived experiences of African American parents with elementary school-based mental health in South Carolina The lived experiences of African American women during the decision-making process to leave abusive intimate partners The lived experiences of African American women who attained high level positions in law enforcement The lived experiences of Black American women who experienced domestic abuse and who had encountered help seeking barriers: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of O.K. Program graduates: The journey from self-doubt to self-efficacy The motivational factors for academically high achieving African American students of military personnel The outcomes for African American Christian women raised without their biological father: A phenomenological study The phenomenon of student powerlessness and student achievement: An instrumental multi-case study on the practices of three teachers identified as successfully serving low-income African American students The psychological structure of African Americans who terminate mental health treatment services after their initial sessions The relationship among the impostor phenomenon, self -esteem, and gender in high achieving African Americans The relationship between African American clergy and lay leaders' beliefs, knowledge and behavioral intentions on HIV/AIDS prevention program resources The relationship between community support and successful community integration in African American substance abusing offenders The relationship between mentoring African American professionals and their perceptions of career success: A case study The relationship between social capital and English Language Arts/reading and Mathematics in charter schools The relationships among racial identity attitudes, academic self-efficacy and academic achievement of black male high school students The role of culture in managing diversity: How culturally based heuristics differ in minority and non-minority managerial decision making The role of the African American church and knowledge of the Charitable Choice Act The sexual and social experiences of adult African American/Black men who have sex with men (MSM): A qualitative study The social and emotional experiences of African American and Black gay and bisexual males during the coming-out process: A generic qualitative study The socialization crisis of at-risk middle school African American male students: The impact of a social support system The success and persistence of African American female college students The ties that bind: Exploring parenting practices as experienced during childhood by successful African American adults and their parents Through Black eyes: A qualitative look into the rise of incarceration among African American adult females Title I versus Non-Title I students and standardized test scores in a school district in Georgia Trailblazers: An examination of community college Black women in senior level administrator roles---their stories through their eyes Transforming African American students' lives: A study of the effect of No Child Left Behind Act on grade promotion Transforming attitudes and lives: Liberating African-American elementary and middle school students in out-of-school time STEM education Triple jeopardy---homeless, Black, and female: Pathways to and from crime and homelessness Uncovering risky sexual behaviors: HIV-postive female baby boomers speak out Underserved, underrepresented, unprepared: Experiences of African American females in community college with barriers to academic success Understanding what African American teenage mothers need to attain a high school education: A phenomenological study Underutilized mental health services: A grounded theory study examining African American perspectives Upward mobility among African American male executives in corporate America: A phenomenological study Using incentives to engage and motivate elementary school-aged African American and Hispanic boys to improve reading fluency: An action research study Viable enterprise: A qualitative study of the largest African American owned businesses under conditions of turbulence in the southeast region of the United States Wanted---more than a few good men: Institutional factors that support African American degree attainment at historically Black colleges and universities Where it begins: Parental strategies that impact the kindergarten readiness of African American students Why not the infantry: An analysis of African American army officer career path decisions Winning in business: A study of the motivations and success strategies of Black women business owners Women who endure: A grounded theory study of Black female former student -athletes