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A case study of beliefs and culturally relevant practices of four kindergarten teachers and ESL reading achievement A comparison of two bilingual programs on student reading achievement in a public elementary school in Texas A correlative study of the International English Language Testing System listening test and a new repetition test A crucial crossover: Efficacy of strategies for teaching English language learners and other struggling students A difference in ELL instruction: A study of 50/50 dual-immersion bilingual literacy program for second grade English language learners A qualitative analysis of a multicultural program assisting in the retention of undergraduate business students from under -represented groups at a predominantly White state university A qualitative analysis of cross -cultural mentoring relationships: Examining elements of status and race in a university social work program A quantitative study of the perceived professional development needs of foreign language teachers employed in rural school districts within the state of South Carolina A study of employment barriers among Latino youth A study of teacher efficacy in secondary American Sign Language-English teaching A study of the learning styles of middle and high school deaf and nondeaf students in public education Academic, social, and economic challenges faced by Latinos to attain a college degree Adolescent alienation and Native Hawaiians: Impact of 9th grade students' participation in an academy program An examination of the sheltered observation protocol model and its impact on teacher pedagogy An exploration of the attitudes toward multicultural competence among master psychology teachers An exploration on teachers' cultural perceptions and readiness for incorporating culturally responsive teaching in a high accountability epoch: A qualitative case study An inclusive sandtray friendship group in an elementary setting: A descriptive case study Anishinaabemowin pane: A qualitative exploratory case study of an indigenous language immersion revitalization program Anxiety and middle school English language learners Barriers to enrollment, admissions, and retention for international students in the U.S. postsecondary education system Burnout among French immersion teachers in British Columbia, Canada College preparatory students' perceptions of four teaching methods: Lecture, collaborative, computer-assisted, and individualized instruction Competency model for VRS interpreters Considerations influencing Hispanic-American mothers' intergenerational language practices with their children with Autism Cultural understanding: A phenomenological study of non-Native American tribal college faculty lived experiences Developing a diverse student population: Using critical thinking and remedial English Developing successful Closing the Gaps programs for Hispanic students in urban areas of Texas---rhetoric or reality? Differences between mathematics test assessment scores for middle school Hispanic students Education in the twain: Japanese undergraduate readiness for U.S. online graduate programs Effective methods of teaching and learning adult ESL learners in an Asian school of manicuring/nail technology Effectively preparing secondary foreign language students: A study on the effectiveness of the teacher -centered and the student -centered approach Effectiveness of diversity courses from the perspective of students and faculty: A case study English language acquisition through bilingual education Equivalence in dual language schools in Delaware: How principals and teachers define and apply this concept Evaluation of self-reported teacher efficacy and minority achievement in middle school Evolution of Japanese American cultural learning style: A cross-generational study Factors influencing middle school teachers when referring English language learners to special education Foreign language learning and the efficacy of preparatory course interventions From sojourners to global educators: Teachers and the international immersion experience Immigration and bilingual education perceptions of educators: A study of educational barriers Impact of adolescents' first language literacy on second language acquisition Inclusive diversity: Are early childhood teachers prepared? Indicators of academic success: A study of Native American retention Intercultural competence: An investigation of strategies employed by transnational faculty members Latino parents' perception of parental involvement Multicultural education professional development of principals: Its impact on performances of school leadership No African American male child left behind: Motivating African American male high school students Online study tour. China and U.S.: The feasible future for all institutions Parental involvement within the Hispanic community Preparation and support for working with student diversity: Adding the voice of rural educators Ready or not: The experiences of elementary two-way immersion teachers Serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations: The efficacy beliefs of speech -language therapists in Guam Successful acculturation of immigrant Muslim children into the St. Louis area Supporting additive bilingualism of online English as second language (ESL) students through instructional design Taming high-stakes anxiety among English language learners: The test anxiety of middle school Hispanic ESL students and understanding the consequences Teachers of English language learners: A comparative study of their qualifications Teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of using sheltered instruction strategies for supporting English language learners Teaching transnationally: Examining the experiences of American teachers in foreign K--12 schools The effectiveness of e-learning in a multicultural environment The effects of hybrid and traditional courses on student attrition at the university level within the Puerto Rican culture The influence of culture on learning styles The role of central auditory processing in the development of literacy in elementary school -aged second -language learners Transcending ethnocentrism: A phenomenological study of Arab and American college students who experienced the other culture Tribal college and universities return on investment (TCU ROI) conceptual model Two-year college study abroad participation and persistence