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A generic qualitative inquiry of grandparenting by custodial grandmothers with one or two grandchildren Addiction professionals and smart recovery(RTM): Discriminants between referring to and not referring to this twelve-step alternative program African American born-again Christian counseling clients' spiritual and religious experiences: Implications for counselor education and supervision An Action Research of the Cadre's Perceptions and Experiences of the Resilience Training at a Warrior Transition Unit An examination of counseling professionals/ paraprofessionals attitudes towards adolescent sexual offenders Assessing motor skills as a differentiating feature between high functioning autism and Asperger's disorder Bereavement and grief among Antiguans who have lost a sibling through murder: A phenomenological study Caregiver descriptions of services received for children with autism and the impact on family life: A case study Changes in family dynamics involving the phenomena of kin keepers and American women with adult children Church-based child obesity intervention Crisis, strategy, and response: Investigating the state of strategic leadership in emergency management Culturally expanded perspectives: A grounded theoretical study of a drug court program Deployment and redeployment: The lived combat experiences of U.S. Army social work officers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during 2007-2009 Developmental Plasticity of Rank Advancement Style and Mediation by Autism-Schizotypy in 134 Men and 161 Women Ages 18 To 30 Differences in male and female counselors' attitudes toward male and female sex offenders Dropping the flag: Female gang members deciding to leave Evaluation research of the effectiveness of a child sexual abuse prevention program utilizing the public health approach Examining the experiences of female therapists building and maintaining a therapeutic alliance with male sexual offenders Expanding educational opportunities, a systems perspective for behavioral health care Experiences and perceptions of depression in African American male baby boomers Experiences of job loss grief among working-age adults with disabilities Exploring the lived experience of significant others as caregivers of veterans with traumatic brain injuries: A phenomenological study Facilitator perceptions of mobile ACHESS for social support in addiction relapse prevention Factors influencing the infant feeding decision among African American mothers: A qualitative analysis Factors related to stress among administrators at historically Black colleges and universities Generic qualitative study on systems conflict as described by employees' leader-member exchanges Hiring manager's consideration process for ex-offender job applicants: A grounded theory study Implementing cultural and linguistic competence in systems of care In search of a solution: A qualitative study of developmental skills training and enduring change in weight loss and health maintenance behavior Influence of grief on consent rates in cornea donation: A qualitative case study Interpersonal justice, nonadoption of reports and stress: Do judicial environments impact expectations of organizational justice? Investigating generational differences of perceived uncivilized behaviors between students and faculty in nursing education Motivation to change: A qualitative study on women recovering from opiate dependency Personal use of social networking and social work ethics: Designing guidelines for training Predictors of caregiver burden among older parents caring for their child with an intellectual or developmental disability Proactive strategies by law enforcement and the relationship to school violence preparedness Promoting resiliency in at-risk adolescents: Exploring the link between community afterschool recreational programs and youth resiliency Religiousness, spirituality and scriptural literalism as predictors of attitude toward psychotherapy among pastors from the Church of God in Christ and the Assemblies of God churches Sex Differences in Affect Construction Sexual health education: The relationship between abstinence-only education and teen pregnancy in a southern state Spiritual well-being and responding to secondary trauma among human service professionals Telemental Health Care Services Acceptance among Primary Care Physicians The Lived Experience of Spirituality of Custodial Grandparents: A Phenomenological Study The Relationship of Work and Family Life Balance to Job Satisfaction for Senior Executive Service Members: A Quantitative Correlational Study The comparative effectiveness of levels of training and years of work experience in firefighters as determining factors in the development of posttraumatic stress disorder The effects and interactions, of age, gender, and computer familiarity on presence during a virtual reality activity The effects of behavioral speech therapy treatment on speech production with adults with cochlear implants The essence of community life for persons with paraplegia The experience of clinicians who provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to patients who self injure: A case study The experience of parents in seeking treatment for their child who is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder The experiences of self-guided weight loss among obese men The experiences of women who as teens aged out of foster care and became mothers: A transcendental phenomenological study The exploration of an art therapist's therapeutic process when working with aggressive youth utilizing grounded theory The four-factor model attitudes of women toward the glass ceiling The impact of Community Supervision Officer (CSO) occupational stress on supervision orientation and community supervision outcomes The impact of nonmonetary job benefits on job retention in rural healthcare The lived experience of battered women in transitional housing The lived experience of mental health counselors as suicide survivors: What supportive interventions were found to be helpful? The plight of mental health and comorbid substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system: A grounded theory study The relationship between demographic factors and recidivism in adult drug court offenders The relationship between differentiation of self, marital expectations, and marital satisfaction for the middle and later stage married adults The relationship between mass media and college women's perception of their body image Transformative impact of childhood sexual trauma among substance abusing women who engage in prostitution Yoga and emotional well-being: A heuristic inquiry into the experience of women with a yoga practice