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"How welcomed am I?" A phenomenological study of the retrospective accounts of gay males in rural school environments 360-degree feedback impact on leadership development: A multiple case study A case study of communication between parents of donor conceived children and other recipient parents A case study of how managers at an insurance company in Puerto Rico apply emotional intelligence competencies learned during training and coaching A case study of the United States Army recruitment process A case study: How do social and academic experiences of African American nontraditional female students on HBCU campuses influence their motivation to graduate? A comparative study of the effects of environment on preoperative anxiety and pain levels and postoperative outcomes in an outpatient population A correlational study examining treatment records for a relationship between those with a diagnosis of cocaine dependence and poly-substance dependence relapse rates who received psycho-educational and individual/group cognitive behavioral treatment for sixteen weeks A generic qualitative exploration of the lived experience of entrepreneurs coached through their business startup A generic qualitative inquiry of the experiences of family separation among adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina A generic qualitative study of organizational passion in psychology professionals dedicated to their jobs A grounded theory study: Understanding individual realities of living the family business phenomenon A heuristic view of a pastors' wife leading a nontraditional role within a religious organization A mother's grief: An exploration of the effect of grief on Black American mothers A multivariate analysis of masculine gender role strain and its relationship to degrees of substance dependence and degrees of violence in an adult incarcerated population A multivariate assessment of crime displacement to surrounding jurisdictions in relation to the implementation of Operation Impact in Syracuse, NY A phenomenological approach exploring the lived experience of members of alcoholics anonymous who have social anxiety A phenomenological exploration of followers' well-being as influenced by their authentic leaders A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of active duty Air Force mothers who have young children and have recently returned from a deployment A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of recovered clients diagnosed with dissociative indentity disorder (DID) during participation in a psychotherapy group A phenomenological investigation of counselors' experiences of working with traumatic-brain-injured individuals on community reintegration A phenomenological study of delinquent adolescent males A phenomenological study of employees' experiences of abuse in the workplace A phenomenological study of the experience of rivalry among women in the workplace A phenomenological study of the lived experience of individual savings rates and how they impact life satisfaction A phenomenological study of young adults' regarding their childhood experience of parental divorce A phenomenological study: The lived experiences of obese men and women following bariatric surgery A process model of suicidality using grounded theory approach with military veterans A proposed theoretical model of self-efficacy and resiliency among African American professionals: A grounded theory study A qualitative analysis: Housing options for adults with severe mental illness in a rural community A qualitative examination of employees' experiences and perceptions of performance management systems A qualitative study of mother-child relationships after leaving domestic violence situations for temporary residence A qualitative study of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to job satisfaction and profession longevity in university research administrators A qualitative study: Reflections on being a LGB adolescent in rural high school settings A quantitative analysis of an after-school program for single-parent African American children A quantitative examination of authentic leadership, tenure, and propensity for knowledge sharing behavior in organizations A quantitative study of the correlational impact of psychological capital on job search intensity as measured by job search behaviors A quantitative study of the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction treatment, using an Internet -delivered self -help program, for women with generalized anxiety disorder A quantitative study of the relationship between organizational culture and turnover intent among minorities in a federal agency A quantitative study of the timing of parental divorce on the academic achievement for traditional-aged college students A study of differences between completers and non-completers of family drug court programs A study of marital satisfaction: The efficacy of premarital counseling programs in relation to marital satisfaction A study of the correlation between mindfulness and music performance anxiety among college music majors: Implications for counseling and counselor education A subordinate description of the experience of working with a supervisor that is using transformational leadership: A qualitative study. A threat assessment perspective of Type III workplace mass homicides A typology of multichannel shoppers based on shopping motivations and product category A windfall of new ideas: A correlational study of transformational leadership and employee voice Accepting me as I am: Examining the coming-out experiences OF LGBT adults Action research to expand HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) teams in the United States Adherence impedances to HIV/AIDS medications among a rural six-county northeastern Pennsylvania HIV/AIDS-infected population African American female delinquents, caretaker and other adult relationships: A phenomenological study African American women coping with the lived experiences of limited mental healthcare access in rural North Carolina After a late life divorce: A phenomenological exploration into the adjustment process and experiences of ten Latino women living in New York City Age of first arrest and its relationship to repeat arrests for sexual offending behaviors in children and adolescents Aggression and rational problem solving skills of early adolescence Alcohol abuse among black college freshmen Alcohol-related information on Facebook and perceptions of hiring managers An action research study: Developing an HIV risk assessment tool for an aging population An evaluation of the perceived versus demographic barriers inhibiting physical activity among women as measured by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) An examination of factors related to reoccurring relapses from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders An examination of guided imagery and its relationship to self-efficacy and the implications for employability in college graduates seeking employment An examination of leadership styles and emotional intelligence with behavioral healthcare service providers in a healthcare organization An examination of the cognitive therapeutic approach to comorbid disorders of alcoholism and depression An examination of the factors related to the ethical decision -making process of MH professionals An examination of the relationship between reactive aggression and AD/HD symptomatology among female inmates An experimental study on the effectiveness of a restorative justice intervention on the social aggression, social problem solving skills, and prosocial behaviors of African American adolescent girls An exploration of crisis experience and training as they relate to transformational leadership and rhetorical sensitivity among U.S. public health officials An exploration of intuition among executive leaders using cognitive-experiential self-theory: A phenomenological study An exploration of parenting coordination as a form of alternative dispute resolution with high conflict parents: A qualitative study An exploration of the lived experience of step-motherhood An exploratory study of the association between the static variables of the static-99 and successful or unsuccessful treatment completion An exploratory study of the gambling behaviors of charity bingo players An exploratory study of the relationship between usage of civilian educational benefits and U.S. Army retention An investigation into the predictors of burnout among accounting professionals: A multiple regression analysis An investigation of biases and framing effects for risk analysis: An information technology context An investigation of the relationship between the perception of managerial leadership behavior and job satisfaction of substance abuse counselors An investigation of the relationships between emotional intelligence, engagement, and performance Anxiety and A.A.'s 12-Step practices in remission: A correlational study in rural Hawaii Applying leadership skills for civic engagement: A case study of alumni who participated in youth leadership programs in Alabama's black belt region Are young adult college attending African American women protecting themselves from HIV/AIDS? A study of sexual assertiveness characteristics Assessing the experiences that contribute to a desirable quality of life Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Assessment of depression, anxiety and stress among community technical colleges lacking mental health services Associations between volunteer motives and service persistence with race among adult mentors in cross-racial youth mentoring relationships Attitudes and opinions of caregivers employed in group homes for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness Attitudinal loyalty: A mixed method study of Apple fandom Attitudinal response of African American males to standardized testing Authentic leadership and job satisfaction: A quantitative examination of the mediating effects of authentic followership in the us registered nursing community Balancing mission and margin: Success factors of not-for-profit leaders Behavioral intervention and parent training within the CASSP system: The effectiveness of using direct commands to manage ADHD/ODD in the home environment Best practices among health care professionals working with pregnant women abusing alcohol: An appreciative inquiry Beyond the dojang: A phenomenological perspective on transferring the virtues of Taekwondo into daily life Binge drinking behaviors among new and experienced male and female firefighters Black racial identity attitude development: An assessment of nigrescence among African American college students Breaking the barrier: An integrative approach to addressing the needs of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury Breast cancer and the couple relationship: A qualitative analysis Breastfeeding duration in a social context: A predictive analysis Bullying resilience: Informing schools and communities to transform conflict by using an anti-bullying restorative justice campaign Caregiver descriptions of services received for children with autism and the impact on family life: A case study Case study: How mental health needs of children are managed in domestic violence shelters Characteristics of high-achieving Kenyan immigrant students Charismatic leadership: An exploratory investigation of the techniques of influence Childhood conditioning and consequences vs. deviant behaviors and adolescent development: A perspective of social learning theory Children in the Middle: Evaluation of a divorce education program Collective orientation on a volunteer public advisory board team: A multiple regression analysis of motivation factors College students' personal epistemological beliefs as factors in academic procrastination Communicator style, cohesiveness, and conflict management style: Differences between African-American male and female athletes Community college students' perceived effects of the home environment on academic success: A theory unveiled Comparing artificial neural net with multiple regression in a biodata criterion validation study Conducting psychotherapy with children suffering from multimorbidity: A case study Conflict and collaboration in a wraparound project: Taking action through research Conflict resolution styles and strategies in marriages of African American heterosexual couples Contextual performance: An exploration of individual job performance and its relationship with patient contact Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement: An exploratory case study Correctional officers' experiences with mentally challenged individuals Crime scene behaviors of crime scene stagers Critical elements of *adaptive behavior in promoting community independence for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities Curbing attrition in a call center: The relationship between the retention of call center representatives and the use of behavioral assessment hiring tools Decision-making in a national sample of stalking victims: A quantitative analysis Determinants of job satisfaction among hospital pharmacists and their intent to leave using Herzberg's two-factor theory Determinants of patient choice: Chiropractic vs. orthopedic care Developing a measure of parental perceived self-efficacy for implementing Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for a child with autism Developmental Assets(RTM) among substance -abusing adolescents Directed expression: quantifying emotional expression with concepts derived from the performing arts Disruptive child in the classroom: Challenges teachers face Do age at the time of parental divorce and gender impact academic performance among high school sophomores? Do attitudes towards seeking psychological help influence preference of counseling modality in postparental women? Documenting experiences of blue-collar workers who believe they have been excluded Does adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder influence condom use for sexual intercourse? A quantitative study Does contingency management affect intrinsic motivation to remain substance-free?: A closer look at low-cost procedures Downsized, laid off, and outsourced: Action research for performance improvement in outplacement Dual stigma: Exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) college students who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Early childhood sexual abuse and self-destructive behaviors: Observations of mental health professionals Effectiveness of a correctional treatment program in the prevention of recidivism among adjudicated female juvenile delinquents Effects of mentoring on transitioning from the foster care system to independent living: A study of emancipated youth in metropolitan Washington, DC Electronic aggression victimization: The relationship to academic performance and perceived social support within an online learning environment Employee attitude toward diversity training compared between appreciative inquiry- based and problem solving-based framing Ethical decision making: The lived experience of junior and senior level college student leaders Ethnic disparities in teachers' disciplinary approaches towards students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A quantitative study Evaluating collaborative staff development and teacher attitudes towards Positive Behavior Interventions and supports: An action research study Evaluating the effects of social skills training on parental perception of Generation Y (ages 13-16) behavior: An action research study Examining non-medical prescription drug addiction in Southern Appalachia: A qualitative study Examining southern New Mexico preadolescent and adolescent drug use in comparison to national statistics Examining the ability of emotional intelligence and work location to predict job satisfaction Examining the effects of night work on accidents, job satisfaction, and the life satisfaction of the United States Postal Service workers at a selected postal distribution facility in central Florida Examining the forces, causes, and elements of practical drift: A case study Examining the relationship between parenting style, the home environment, and placement stability for children in foster care Examining the relationship between safety training and incidence of occupational injury Executive coaching effectiveness: The coachee's experience Expectation versus reality: The impact of academic advising on nontraditional community college students seeking a career change Experience becoming a role model among male African Americans, 18--30 years, who are role models to male African Americans, 6--18 years Experiences and challenges of parents who have children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Experiences of childless women with grief after losing a pet: A phenomenological study Explaining IT professionals' organizational commitment based on age, gender, and personality trait factor Exploring juvenile delinquency and the justice system: Social workers' perspective, Exploring predictors of institutional misbehavior in male inmates at a New Jersey state prison Exploring self-perception and body image appearance Exploring the effects of parasocial connection on relaxation exercise persistence in women Exploring the lived sexual experiences and condom use consistency of heterosexual African American men at risk for HIV infection Factors influencing information communication technology (ICT) acceptance and use in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya Female-parent perspectives on the influence of sexually-focused television or internet TV programs and film on the attitudes and behaviors of adolescent females: A qualitative inquiry Fireground command decision making: Understanding the barriers challenging commander situation awareness Foster care alumni giving back to children in care From test to testimony: A narrative study of the influence of crucible experience on senior pastoral leadership From the therapist's perspective: What are the perceived factors for successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance? Gender and age differences in coping behaviors of young adults who were orphaned during childhood Gender, personality, and coping: Unraveling gender in military post -deployment physical and mental wellness Generating a new psychological theory for at risk pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetic adolescents: Diabetic Adolescent Resiliency Treatment Theory (DARTT) Goal orientation, work avoidance goals, and self -handicapping in community college students Growing up in fatherless families: The lived experience of African American men Healthcare reform and quality for the transition from child to adult healthcare services Hidden violence: A phenomenological inquiry into the experieces of abused male partners How African American women who have sustained full remission describe the process of recovery from illicit drug use: A grounded theory study How Christian leaders become their best-self: A generic qualitative study How educators describe making the choice to teach How students considered at risk during high school describe academic online success: A grounded theory study Identifying the Experiences of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Rural Child Welfare Workers: Action Research Study Identifying the relationships between personality facets and leadership effectiveness In search of resilience: Developmental and motivational perspectives on sustained abstinence among African American men who used crack cocaine Incentives that increase user-generated-content production in virtual environments: A quantitative analysis of crowd-sourced labor productivity over time Inclusion and co-teaching: A qualitative study of general education teachers' perceptions of the inclusive classroom Increasing a community's disaster-related altruism pre-disaster decreases, post disaster-related casualties Increasing academic outcomes: A study of positive behavior support and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in second grade Informing therapeutic treatment and practice: A study of recovery histories of non -recidivists Inmate deviant behaviors: An application of Tittle's control balance theory Innovative strategies for students with ADHD: How to employ best practices without losing student interest Integration of behavioral health methods in primary care: The experiences of primary care providers Internet and suicide: A generic qualitative study of counselors who work with suicidal clients Interscholastic wrestlers' motivation in weight regulation techniques: A case study Intimacy, passion, and commitment as predictors of couples' relationship satisfaction Investigating relationships between spiritual well-being, stress coping skills, and quality of life among African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos Investigating team cohesion in COCOMO II.2000 Investigating the criminality of home-invasion robbery: Establishing baseline offender typologies Is there a relationship between motivational systems and aggressive conduct in male inmates? Job satisfaction and intrinsic rewards: A qualitative inquiry Job satisfaction within a nonprofit organization: An application of Hertzberg's motivation -hygiene theory Juvenile sex offender treatment: A treatment program for below average intelligence offenders Lack of emergency services for male victims of domestic violence in Hawaii: A case study Law enforcement officers experiences with psychological preparation techniques to prepare for high velocity human factors (HVHF) environments Leader wisdom, age, and competency in perceived hostile workplaces: A regression approach Leaders' response processes for blame attribution: A grounded theory study Leadership and PsyCap: A study of the relationship between positive leadership behaviors and followers' positive psychological capital Leadership characteristics in high school athletic coaches and a link with winning records: An exploratory study Leadership in social enterprise: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of leadership in not-for-profit for profit organizations Leadership in the criminal justice organization: The prevailing leadership traits and organizational culture related to managing change Leadership styles of female healthcare executives: Comparison of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant leadership styles Lived experience of individuals in the workplace who have a history of intimate partner violence Lived experience of the transgendered adult female-to-male adults: Discrimination within the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community Lived experiences of adoptive parents of Chinese girls impacted by disrupted bonding: A phenomenological study Living near sexual offenders and fear of victimization: A qualitative analysis Longevity among social workers: A multiple case study Ma'poksai: Lived experiences of Chamorros raised in kinship Management across time: A study of generational workforce groups (Baby Boomer and Generation X) and leadership Manufacturing challenge: An employee perception of the impact of BEM variables on motivation Marital adjustment, coping and demographic traits for spouses of partners who exhibit adhd symptoms in childhood -- A quantitative study Men in partner abuse intervention programs describe the beginnings of those relationships: A grounded theory study Methamphetamine abuse: Exploring the source of product, income, and population of residence in relationship to the age of first use in Minnesota Motivational factors influencing high academic achievement by students enrolled in a high school magnet program Motivational profiles of adult males in the precontemplation stage of change for alcohol dependence Observational learning: The impact of the aggressive actions portrayed on WWE professional wrestling on juvenile behavior Older children adoptions: Effects on marital satisfaction and parenting stress One-stop career centers: An assessment of satisfaction from customers using services of a disability program navigator Organizational commitment among employees at a private nonprofit university in Virginia Parent experiences with early symptoms and diagnosis of children with mild autism and Asperger's syndrome Parenting special needs children adopted from residential treatment programs Perceived principal leadership style and teacher retention: A quantitative study Perceived sense of subjective well-being of highly successful online college educators: A generic qualitative study Perceived social support and depression: Their relationship among older men Perceptions of community college faculty members' mindsets and their projections of students' academic outcomes Perceptions of the role of a father: The perspectives of Black women from low-income environments Personality profiles of police executives: An analysis based on the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey Personalogical characteristics of adjudicated stalkers as correlates of stalking duration Perspectives of addiction treatment professionals regarding family involvement in adult substance abuse treatment: A qualitative study Physician job satisfaction and autonomy over functions related to support staff Police officers' experience of seeking treatment after a work related trauma: A generic qualitative study Pre-dispositional incarceration and recidivism in male youthful offenders: A multivariate predictive archival approach Predicting student persistence in adult basic education using interaction effects among academic self-efficacy and students participation and academic variables Predicting success and self management in telephonic wellness coaching for depressed patients Presenteeism, participation in a worksite wellness program, and employee income and education: A correlational quantitative study of workers in the New York Designated Market Area (NY DMA) Prevalence of STDs in Alabama black adolescent females compared to other ethnicities Prevalence of substance abuse screening of teenagers by pediatricians Prevention by way of compliance promotion Professional services for survivors of child sexual violence/abuse: A phenomenological account of professional clinicians' experiences Professionals in high-risk positions experience and description of stress: A phenomenological study Psychache and coming out lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) adults at risk of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: A mixed-methods design Psychiatric nurses and vicarious trauma: A phenomenological study Psychological factors impeding older men from returning to recreational golf after knee joint replacement surgery Psychological implications of adult women ages 35-50 with a childhood sexual abuse history Psychological leadership effects on cultural behavior in global corporation Psychosocial stress and alcohol abuse among Hispanic males Public health policy implications for HIV behavioral risk reduction interventions: Unintended recovery outcomes among methamphetamine-using MSM Pursuing success without scandal: Exploring the relationship between transformational and authentic leadership Qualities of mental health professionals preferred by mid -adolescents Quantitative factors influencing the adoption of IP network infrastructure convergence by telco /ISP engineers Rehabilitation counselors' training program experience to treat clients with polytraumatic disabilities: A generic qualitative study Relationship between leadership and officers' job satisfaction: Impact on public safety in Nigeria Relationship of early use of alcohol to women's adult life circumstances Relationships among locus of control, perceived self-efficacy, and medication adherence in members of Double -Trouble in Recovery or Dual Recovery Anonymous self -help groups Religiousness, spirituality and scriptural literalism as predictors of attitude toward psychotherapy among pastors from the Church of God in Christ and the Assemblies of God churches Resilience development among adult offspring with schizophrenic mothers Resilience of direct care workers in adolescent residential treatment facilities: An exploratory study Resilience traits of African American women survivors of intimate partner violence (ipv): Mental health practitioner perspectives Risk factors associated with non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors among incarcerated male adolescents Rural living combat veterans---an exploration on issues with post traumatic stress disorder and reintegration post combat -returning to a small town School counselors' professional experience and practices working with students who self-harm: A qualitative study School violence: female teachers' perceptions of the school resource officer's role Selecting banking institutions: Examining levels of wealth related to perceptions of social influence sources Self -esteem in preoperative Roux-en-Y gastric bypass White women and their postoperative counterparts Self-advocacy interventions on teenage youths adjudicated as delinquents Self-efficacy and entrepreneurship: A generic qualitative study of the self-perceived attitudes and behaviors of successful online women entrepreneurs Social cognitive theory: Adolescent alcohol initiation decision Social networking privacy control: Exploring university variables related to young adults' sharing of personally identifiable information Spirituality and coping of the African -American young adult male: A phenomenological study Strategies clinicians use to create a trusting and working alliance via telephone-Internet venues Stress: Crossover factors among probation and parole officer Students' lived experiences with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program in middle school Substance dependent persons in self-help groups and in a pharmacotherapy study: Demographics, predictors, and outcomes Suicide grief in African American mothers: The roles of suicide stigmatization, attitudes toward suicide, and John Henryism Supervision: Perceptions of attachment and professional identity Surviving sexual abuse: A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of adult females who were sexually abused in childhood by their biological fathers Systematic differentiation between Dark and Light Leaders: Is a corporate criminal profile possible? Tang soo do instructors' experience of self-actualization in working with students: A phenomenological study Teacher burnout as a predictor of teacher motivational orientation Teaching in rural Georgia: The experience of stress in the classroom The Experience of Being an Atheist in the United States The Lived Experiences of Working Mothers Using Persuasive Technology in the Form of an Internet-Based Accelerometer: A Generic Qualitative Study The Relationship Between Family Risk Factors And Youth Impulsivity In The Development Of African American Adolescent Antisocial Behavior The affect of organizational change by type and frequency on employee psychological contracts The aftermath of a natural disaster: A phenomenological study of permanent displacement among adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina The aftermath: Is post-traumatic stress disorder prevalent in medico-legal death investigators in the mid-Alantic states? The beliefs and behaviors of female authentic leaders: A generic qualitative study The correlation of test anxiety and academic performance of community college students The differences in leadership styles among generation cohorts of small business leaders and their relationship to organizational outcomes The differential predictive validity of the SAVRY on juvenile probationers: A quantitative study The effect of racism and sexism experienced by black women in America: Understanding the relationship between self-determination and resiliancy The effect of value differences in workplace motivation: A study comparing worker value priorities across generations and gender The effects of ABA strategies on challenging behavior among adults with high functioning autism The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The emotional state, behavior, and self-concept of nondisabled siblings of children with disabilities The essence of community life for persons with paraplegia The evolving relationship between drug court judge and offender The experience of being a mother of an adult with autism: A generic qualitative study The experience of homeless females ages 40-50: A phenomenological analysis The experience of jealousy among women in the workplace: A phenomenological study The experience of long-term sobriety for men ages 55 through 65 who are currently members of Alcoholics Anonymous The experience of mindfulness and learning: A qualitative research study The experience of motherless mothering The experience of providing therapeutic services to sexually violent predators: A case study The experience of public library staff in dealing with disruptive patrons and visitors to the library: A multiple case study The experience of recovery from alcohol/drugs (AOD) The experiences of adolescents whose military parents have been deployed: A phenomenological inquiry The experiences of mental toughness for amateur basketball players: A phenomenological study The impact of cognitive behavioral treatment dosages on recidivism rates in women The impact of death anxiety on therapists' professional confrontation with death issues The impact of educational preparation on test performance for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium examination for alcohol and other drug abuse counselors The impact of ethnicity/race on substance abuse treatment admissions: Factors that influence African American, Latino American, and European American populations The impact of executive coaching on the job satisfaction and leadership self-efficacy for women The impact of family structure on African American male college success The impact of internal resources on resilience in police officers: A case study The impact of organizational development interventions on stress and engagement The impact of traumatic life events and attachment styles upon compulsive hoarding in adulthood The influence of culture on the relationship between perceptions of management of behavior and organizational commitment The influence of health beliefs and depression on health-promoting behavior associated with diabetes prevention and treatment in an American Indian community The influence of polycystic ovary syndrome on sexual satisfaction of heterosexual married women The introduction of a level system and its effect on prisoner behavior and the management of a prison The investigation of turnover intention antecedents amongst information technology professionals in higher education The lived experience of a spiritual transformation in the everyday lives of alcoholic men new to recovery: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adult children during and following a parent's entry into nursing home care The lived experience of alcohol consumption by male, active -duty soldiers below the minimum legal drinking age: A qualitative study The lived experience of authenticity in leadership: A heuristic study The lived experience of compassion as described by adult mindfulness meditation meditators: A phenomenological study The lived experience of cultural competency and diversity training among healthcare professionals The lived experience of ethnic discrimination stress in the workplace among high-achieving Adivasis The lived experience of leadership for female pastors in religious organizations The lived experience of licensed professional counselors (LPCs) in rural North Carolina using self-care to combat compassion fatigue The lived experience of lung cancer for never-smokers The lived experience of military wives with children during multiple deployments The lived experience of women who have had a child through egg donation: A phenomenological study The lived experience of workplace bullying and finding a new job: A grounded theory study The lived experiences of African American girls in relation to the mentoring services utilized to address their participation in delinquent activities The lived experiences of African American women during the decision-making process to leave abusive intimate partners The lived experiences of Black American women who experienced domestic abuse and who had encountered help seeking barriers: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of having a parent with multiple sclerosis: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of mothers raising a child diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experiences of relapse episodes of chemically dependent women: The impact of *environmental and gender factors The lived experiences of supervisors that have laid-off middle-aged personnel: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of the effects of companion animal ownership on adaptation to conjugal grief: A phenomenological study The lived-experience of spiritual awakening for members of alcoholics anonymous with long-term sobriety: A phenomenological study The negative impact on student performance with teacher-imposed external locus of control: A study of the relationship between self-efficacy and teacher regulated performance feedback among community college nursing students The nonmedical use and potential abuse of prescription medication including methadone in public schools in West Virginia The perceived experiences of parents who have received intensive in-home services for their children The power of organizational vision: A qualitative research The process of equestrian therapy for adolescents with Asperger syndrome The process of forgiveness in persons with substance use disorders: A grounded theory study The process of trust in intimate relationships for adult children of a parent with an alcohol-use disorder The progression of female aggression: An integration of theories on female aggression The ra roller coaster: A grounded theory study of how young adult women experience life with rheumatoid arthritis The relationship between a history of trauma and client satisfaction within a substance abuse treatment sample The relationship between alcohol relapse and significant emotional attachments The relationship between demographic variables, stress and job satisfaction: A study of Hawaii fire service personnel The relationship between deployments and the marital satisfaction scores of civilian male spouses The relationship between emotional intelligence and auto sales performance The relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction: A quantitative study of residential home construction managers The relationship between factors of age, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status and supervisors' cultural competence The relationship between global self -esteem and fear of flying in adults The relationship between live crowds, competitive anxiety, and performance for high school basketball players The relationship between motivation and organizational citizenship behavior among customer support staff The relationship between problematic marital communication and parents' perception of the parent-child relationship The relationship between self-leadership and effective leadership behaviors The relationship between sexual predation and four specific deviant behaviors (deviant fire setting, aberrant masturbation, nocturnal enuresis, and animal cruelty) The relationship between team emotional intelligence and team interpersonal process effectiveness The relationship between the lunar cycle and the admission of adolescents to psychiatric facilities The relationship between witnessing verbal marital conflict as a child and the behavioral anger responses in adulthood The relationship of academic self-efficacy to successful course completion The relationships among racial identity attitudes, academic self-efficacy and academic achievement of black male high school students The sexual and social experiences of adult African American/Black men who have sex with men (MSM): A qualitative study The sexual practices of African American women in regard to having unprotected sex The short-term effect of a technology based comprehensive weight reduction program for obese adults in a primary care medical clinic: A three month psychobehavioral study The study of adult attachment styles, communication patterns, and relationship satisfaction in heterosexual individuals The use of iPads in a retirement home community to increase social skills: An action research approach Therapeutic tools and methods for reducing aggressive behavior in Generation Z youth: A qualitative study Therapists' beliefs, attitudes, and practices regarding the importance of targeting motivations for pedophilic abuse in its treatment Trauma therapists and their experience of Zentangle(RTM) Trial art and science: An exploratory study examining experiential and rational decision -making systems, work specialization and career experience of trial consultants Understanding African-American adolescent males' experiences with aggression: A generic qualitative analysis Understanding facial expressions and emotions during states of deception and honesty Understanding the experience of suicidality during adolescence among lower socioeconomic strata gay males: An exploratory qualitative research study Understanding the nature of relationship between self-constructs and leadership behaviors as a function of generation Understanding the role positive peer pressure plays in proper police officer ethical decision making Understanding the ways that program mentoring influences the decision of urban, at-risk, high school students to apply for college Using faculty perceptions to improve organizational performance in community colleges Vaccination decison-making of family members of children with autism Virtual Mate Poaching: A study of the tactics used to poach a potential mate on Social Networking Sites Voices unheard: A qualitative study on the lived experiences and unique treatment needs of young adult heroin users Volunteers leading volunteers: How leader commitment relates to follower's commitment, turnover and recruitment Weighing the options: The lived experiences of human services administrators with decision-making processes What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity What is the lived experience of singing: A phenomenological study When a soldier returns home from Iraq and/or Afghanistan with post -traumatic stress disorder: The lived experience of the spouse Why commanders lead: A study in leadership motivations of Air Force officers Willful ignorance: A grounded theory study of seafood purchase decisions Women leading men: A look into the phenomenon of leadership from the perspective of women officers in the military Women's perceptions of their physician's concerns for their mental health and the likelihood of being screened for post-partum depression Work environment and job-related burnout: How organizational support mediates the effects Work ethic, education, work experience and statistical practice as factors comprising expertise among statisticians