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A retrospective data examination of customer loyalty in the e -banking technology services industry: Strategies for new successes An examination of employee perception about the relationship between communication satisfaction and productivity in the Nigerian banking industry An exploratory study of ethical climate perceptions of the mortgage banking industry in the Charlotte, North Carolina region Bank development company: A case study of community bank president leadership Cost-savings motivation, new technology adoptation, regulatory compliance burden, and adoption of online banking services for Russian credit unions Critical success factors of Black financial advisors in the brokerage industry Examining the relationship of team-member exchange and effective offshore teams: A quantitative assessment of IT workers in the investment banking industry Factors that affect the advancement of African American women to CEO-level positions in banking within the Chicago metro central district Factors that contribute to mortgage brokers adopting the use of social media Knowledge adoption practices among ASQ members: An assessment of culture, infrastructure, and personnel Middle management and telework adoption: Development of an instrument using Delphi and exploratory factor analysis for the financial services industry Performance, leverage and risk: An earnings analysis among U.S., U.K., and Japanese banks Selecting banking institutions: Examining levels of wealth related to perceptions of social influence sources Teller sellers: Improving bank teller client referral performance The acceptance and effectiveness of federal and state information security regulations in multi-branch community banks: A phenomenological analysis conducted in central California The application of leadership competencies in Pacific Northwest credit unions The corner office: A study of the success strategies of executive women leaders in the financial services industry The dominant logic of entrepreneurial strategic leadership: A phenomenological study of entrepreneurs, consultants, and bankers The relationship between global banking companys' TMT national culture and their return on assets The role and effectiveness of financial advisors in bank mergers The subprime mortgage crisis: A phenomenological approach to understanding the loan officer's experience Understanding the lived experiences of loan officers before, during, and after the financial crisis of 2008: A phenomenological study Web site messages about corporate social responsibility: Developing grounded theory on the presentation of corporate citizenship in the banking and computer hardware manufacturing industries Women leaders in the mortgage industry: Creating a leadership profile