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A quantitative study comparing the academic achievement of seventh grade reading students exposed to two types of reading strategies A study of the strength of an art infused instructional approach of fifth grade map testing scores in reading achievement Art in action: Traditional art appreciation moves into active learning Conflicting pedagogical philosophies and methodological approaches toward teaching art education: Art education methods determination to distinguish art education as a valued core subject in the educational curriculum of Suffolk County Public Schools Identifying the perceptions and experiences of adult students in online art programs Influences of the experience of artmaking on teaching methods in the post-secondary studio Instructional design and creativity: The effects of performance tasks on critical thinking Picasso flunks: A retention study Summer school for the arts: A study of arts classes and creative thinking in urban teenagers The attraction of the arts: A study of students' retention in arts education following enrollment in an elementary arts magnet school The exploration of an art therapist's therapeutic process when working with aggressive youth utilizing grounded theory The importance of assessments: How portfolios can impact students' self-efficacy and comprehension in an online graphic design course The relationship of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and gender in predicting grade point average for visual arts students