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A qualitative study of integrating complementary alternative medicine A study of yoga therapy to increase attention in preschool children An analysis of efficacy regarding the integrated use of the Hwa -Chim acupuncture method and expectancy in the treatment of depression in women Assessing the use of yogic breathing to improve behavior in elementary school children with ADHD Assessment of application and value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for addiction and posttraumatic stress among counselors Faculty and administrator knowledge of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at select U.S. complimentary and alternative healthcare educational institutions Hatha yoga: Its impact on job burnout among rehabilitation counselors How are traditional Chamoru healing practices being perpetuated and preserved in modern Guam: A phenomenological study Measuring the effects of a Himalayan singing bowl on a meditation practice: A quantitative approach Teaching complementary and alternative therapies to prelicensure nursing students: A faculty assessment using a basic qualitative research approach The effects of chiropractic care on adults who suffer from both chronic back pain and depression: An alternative treatment for depressive symptoms The lived experiences of practitioners of Resonance Repatterning, an energy therapy The relationship between high-intensity interval training and adult ADHD-like symptoms Trauma therapists and their experience of Zentangle(RTM)