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A multicase study: Exploring human resource information system implementation and utilization in multinational corporations in Kenya A phenomenological study of the emergence of leadership among female secondary school principals in Nigeria A phenomenological study of the lived experience of aging Nigerian professionals living in exile in the United States of America African refugee resettlement in the Northwest: An exploratory case study Ensuring effective Liberian organizations in the diaspora through action research Ethnographic study of Nigerian early childhood educators' implementation of constructivist curriculum Examination of perception of stakeholders on universal basic education regarding inclusive education in Kaduna, Nigeria Impact of faculty and peer support on academic success among foreign-born African nursing students Maritime piracy in the waters near Somalia: Victimization upon the international merchant fleet 2000-2010 Relationship between leadership and officers' job satisfaction: Impact on public safety in Nigeria Restorative justice alternative to the traditional criminal justice system in Nigeria Strategic effect of information and communication technologies on Malawian smallholder farmers: A phenomenological study Strategies female leaders use to address work challenges: A qualitative explorative inquiry of female accountants in a West African country The college-educated African American perception of asynchronous distance education University students perceptions and attitudes of corruption in Nigeria