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A formal framework for analysis and design of synthetic gene networks An anatomical pathway between the murine olfactory system and the medial amygdala and its role in conveying information about sex Demography, selection and comparative molecular evolution in brood parasitic indigobirds (Vidua spp.) and their firefinch (Lagonosticta spp.) hosts Formalization of molecular interaction maps in systems biology; application to simulations of the relationship between DNA damage response and circadian rhythms Gene network analysis of type 2 diabetes mellitus Improved modular multipart DNA assembly, development of a DNA part toolkit for E. coli, and applications in traditional biology and bioelectronic systems Metabolism in the human microbiome, from the single organism to the community level Network reconstruction by ChIP-seq in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Neurospora crassa Protein interactions across and between eukaryotic kingdoms: Networks, inference strategies, integration of functional data and evolutionary dynamics Rapid isolation and purification of mitochondria for transplantation using tissue dissociation and differential filtration Roles of miR-155 in microglia and neurogenesis in response to toll-like receptor mediated inflammation Species boundaries in bats: A philosophical, morphometric, environmental and phylogenetic analysis of the genera Anoura, Carollia and Sturnira Systems biology approaches to mechanisms of bacterial stress adaptation Systems biology approaches to understanding hematopoiesis Visual depth perception from texture accretion and deletion: A neural model of figure-ground segregation and occlusion