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A comparison of methamphetamine users and non -methamphetamine substance abusers on levels of sensation seeking and narcissism among the outpatient drug treatment population A cross-validation of the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure test and the Meyers and Meyers recognition trial in the detection of suspect effort A mediational model linking objectified body consciousness, symptoms of depression, and perceptions of self -efficacy in women A meta-analysis of neurocognitive deficits among incarcerated psychopathic adult male offenders: Neuropsychological test findings An analysis of executive functioning in a sample of first offense domestic violence offenders An evolution of the Points Incentive Program: A token economy program for veterans hospitalized on an inpatient treatment unit An exploration of the effects of emotional intelligence on work -life balance, above and beyond personality components in working, graduate and undergraduate students Anatomical evidence for cerebellar and reticular activating system involvement in adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Attachment Style and Personality Traits as Predictors of Probing Behavior in Adult Romantic Relationships Body Image Disturbance After Rapid and Substantial Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery Can personality buffer cynicism? Moderating effects of extraversion and neuroticism in response to workplace hassles Childhood social support history and romantic attachment style among adult survivors of child abuse Clinicians' perceptions regarding diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in an adult population Comparison of parent- and self-ratings of behavioral and emotional problems in Vietnamese adolescents in the United States as related to level of acculturation Compliance and the closet: Correlations between HIV medication adherence and subjective measures of sexual identity in men Computerized content analysis of on-line journals as related to ego development Concurrent validity of the Roberts-2 and the Child Behavior Checklist Cultural components of deception Cultural differences in the psychosocial predictors of relapse in schizophrenia: Family environment and negative life events Delayed motherhood, childbearing motivation and psychological distress levels in females age 30 and above Differences in internalized shame between culture and drug of choice groups among Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA) clients Dissociation, somatization and other factors associated with the severity of posttraumatic response in Chinese American adults Dissociative Identity Disorder and competency to stand trial evaluations: Searching for convergence among psychologists Eastern and Western integrative medical understanding of PMS: Tongue color and depression Effects of early attachment on adult attachment and adult self-soothing Emotional and behavioral aspects of mobile phone use Evaluation of alcohol or cocaine abusing clients by mental health practitioners Examining factors related to medication compliance among patients whom are dually diagnosed Factors influencing trust in romantic relationships Factors that predict attitudes toward Arabs: Personality, religiosity, level of perceived threat and level of media exposure Gender roles, depression, and resilience within transgender male -to -female individuals: A mediation analysis Impact of cultural variables on Vietnamese Americans' attitudes toward professional psychological help Investigating sex guilt and life satisfaction in Iranian-American women: Implications for mental health Measurement of parental acceptance -rejection among adolescent sex offenders and non-offending siblings Meditation as a coping tool for stress and well being among clinical and counseling psychology graduate students Moderation effects of absorption and worry on group-induced relaxation states: A quasi-experimental investigation Paraphilic behavior & the use of facilitators in a serial murderer population Parenting Practices and Attitudes and Their Relationship to Children's Social and Emotional Functioning Parenting styles as related to parental self-efficacy and years living in the United States among Latino immigrant mothers Parenting styles of 1.5 generation Korean Americans Patterns of Cognitive Decline by Dementia Subtype Perceived discrimination among indigenous and non-indigenous Mexican-Americans living in the United States Personality perception via internet chat -room communication: Comparing human perception with content analysis Pornography use, relationship functioning and sexual satisfaction: The mediating role of differentiation in committed relationships Precipitating factors in disclosure of child sexual abuse in latency -aged Latino and African American males and females Predictors of academic aspirations and attainment among Mexican -American women Predictors of relationship satisfaction: The link between cognitive flexibility, compassionate love and level of differentiation Predictors of women's life satisfaction Profiles and characteristics of juvenile sex offenders Psychological factors related to African American clergy and clergy family's help -seeking attitudes Relationship between acculturation and mental health as measured by depression and anxiety in Jewish Iranian immigrants in the United States Relationship between acculturative stress and depression among first and second generation Mexican -American women Relationship between ethnicity, age at incarceration, level of substance abuse, length of sentence and depression among incarcerated male African-American and Hispanic youth Relationship between hypomania, creativity and creative achievement in a non -clinical population Relationship of IQ to false-positive rates on measures of effort/response bias Self -defeating behavior: The theory of the evolving psyche Self -efficacy and locus of control as mediating variables for the relationship between depression, anxiety and exercise Self Silencing, Cultural Values and Well-Being among Asian and European American Women Sexual satisfaction in young adults: Are there gender and age differences using the Crucible(RTM) sexual relationship inventory? Shyness and its relationship to body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, and thin -ideal internalization Spirituality and psychological well-being among Asian American breast cancer survivors Sub -Saharan African refugees in Hong Kong: Pre- and post -migration experiences, depression, anxiety, and PTSD Taiwanese College Students' Process of Major Choice, Work Values, and Psychological Well-Being Teachers' attachment style and their style of intervening with bullying Testing the reliability and validity of a new measure, the "Older Women's Non-Medical Stress Scale" (OWN-MSS) The Relationship Between Early Trauma and Parenting Stress in Adult Women The application of computerized content analysis of speech to the expression of occupational stress in a multicultural sample of workers in the U.S. meat industry The effects of meditation on openness, awareness, and acceptance: A correlational study The effects of motivation, hopelessness, and exposure to violence on academic achievement The effects of the workshop, Sexual Orientation 101: A guide for mental health professionals who do not specialize with sexual minorities on the knowledge, skills and competency levels of participants The impact of selected coping factors on psychological wellness: The link between family support, spirituality, self -esteem and depression The influence of acculturation on mental health and attitudes towards seeking mental health services in Iranian immigrants The long term effects of PTSD and anxiety on depression among parents of pediatric organ transplant recipients The relations among creativity, schizotypy, intellectual functioning, and latent inhibition in healthy adults The relationship between body image satisfaction, investment in physical appearance, life satisfaction, and physical attractiveness self-efficacy in adult women The relationship between erectile function, traditional masculine ideology, and marital satisfaction among younger and older Taiwanese men with erectile dysfunction The relationship between ethnic identity, colonial mentality and parenting style in Filipino-American adults The relationship between generation level, level of acculturation and attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help in 1st and 2nd generation Greek-Americans The relationship between self differentiation and the levels of trust, shame, and guilt in intimate relationships The relationship between the attachment -style of therapists and their utilization of self -disclosure within the therapeutic relationship The relationship of acculturative stress and family cohesion to body dissatisfaction and eating disorder symptomatology among Asian and Hispanic women The unique and combined contributions of self esteem, body objectification, and sexual satisfaction in the prediction of maladaptive eating attitudes and behaviors Understanding adaptation roles: A differentiation of self perspective Understanding protracted conflicts in family mediation: Attachment, differentiation and emotional states of parents Use of the Picture Completion subtest as an embedded measure of effort Utility of the Roberts-2 to differentiate childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorder Utilizing the Picture Memory Interference Test (PMIT) for the detection of simulated memory impairment in a monolingual male Spanish -speaking Latino sample Victimization of older adult parolees in Orange County, California Worldview, family functioning, and parenting stress: Considerations for behavioral parent training interventions